I am Calling My People

I am Calling My People

I am calling My People to walk by faith and not by sight.

I am calling you to lift your gaze to the things unseen and unfelt by your flesh but tasted in My Heavenly ralm.

A Kingdom not made by human hands nor controlled by the will of ungodly men. a Place whee I rule and decree  life to those to whom I Am calling.

Taste and se that I Am Good.

Be no longer satisfied by that which is fading away but dive into My living waters. Dive into that which lay beyond the Realm of Reason and logic. Beyond the bounds of this earth. Begin to see it, feel it for it is real.

The Kingdom of My righteousness, My Peace  and My joy in the spirit.

Allow My spirit  to move on the chaos of your waters and respond to My spoken Word.

Prophecy over the unfruitful so that it may bear fruit which is Eternal and everlasting.

Many desire  and long to eat of the fruit to be created by the words of your mouth. many hungry souls are looking to see the manifestation of the reality of MY Life in you.

Not only will they taste of the fruit but they will learn that they too can bear such fruit. For I desire My children to grow and become aware of who they are.  My Sons and My Daughters. For I have not destined them for destruction but I have destined them for eternal life and Joy unspeakable in the Holy Spirit

October 27 2016

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