Baja Report Oct.

Hope all is well there. Things here are a little wild.
We had Meeting Friday and have a BUNCH of new families. The boss man passed.on to wherever he was headed for eternity and his son took over and had a mass firing and bused in other poor unsuspecting souls from regions South. When they fire people the people lose their housing so we have 29 people temporarily living downstairs. Crying children abound, but thats okay. Thank YWVH we have a place to put people when these things occur.
And again may the owner of Estero or Beach Resort be blessed for his generosity in giving so many blankets.
We contemplated putting a couple of families over at the building but decided nay. Its nice and clean and for sale and it would not stay that way with a million unsupervised little boogers living in it.
Frank is feeling a bit more chipper praise Jesus. Pain, be it your own, or someone elses, is a tool the enemy uses to really wear one down. I am looking forward to a happy Sunday doing hopefully nothing.
We had an awesome prison visit yesterday. The Catholic Church inside did end up comandeering the mens church area but it is actually beneficial. I had planned to spend my short 2 hours with the ladies and intended to teach  on healing( I don’t get how I can pray for others but don’t have faith for my own personal healing I guess it goes back to the man who said Yes Lord, help my unbelief. But I’ll get back to that) So I had my plan but it’s not the Detra show and plans change if you let them.
My protector/helper Johanna was really physically sick when I got there ,BURNING up, delirious with fever and chills, so I prayed with her first and the fever went. We were alone in her corner which is way in the back of the place. She has a sheet hung from the ceiling for privacy. Her spot which is normally as neat as a pin, was a mess so  I helped her clean it up, and encouraged her to come out with me.
She proceeded to to pull a sheet of paper out of her bra (the poor woman’s purse we call it here.)She shoved it into my hands and I unfolded it and read. I certainly  had no idea what it was about to reveal. It was blood test results. The results claimed she has AIDS. When I looked up at her, this gorgeous 5 ft. 11, American born girl, tears were streaming down her very l guant face.  How had I missed the fact that she’s lost maybe 10 kilos since I first started  going in again?That’s one I can’t answer. I. was readying myself to tell her nothing is impossible  for Yahweh, that He is no respecter of diseases. If He can make a fever go, then AIDS. is no challenge, He can do anything.. When suddenly, she rolled up her sleeves and showed me. The sickness  had progressed to the point when it causes those horrible Scarposi sores. All up and down her arms.
It’s a hard thing to look at. I have been through the long AIDS death of a friend when I was much younger and know that once the sores manifest it’s not long before death comes calling.
She told me they were moving her any time, to a single cell that holds contagious cases. She was quite worried about that. Being  alone. Actually she was more like TERRIFIED.
Not about her eternal home, so MUCH, I just the alone time that she would be spending until then . she asked me if she’d go to he’ll if she killed herself.
She wasn’t just asking for fun either. She was shaking when I reached for her to embrace her. My mind was racing and my heart was breaking and I just wanted to hug her. As I reached, she withdrew into the corner in an attempt to get her sleeves rolled down before I touched her. But I got her and held her and let her weep. I am not going to lie, a spirit of fear tried to make me let go. The enemy was whispering like crazy, really awful things, to make me reject her. And that’s where I go back to the man who said, “yes Lord, help my unbelief”….. I, just minutes prior been telling her NOTHING is impossible for God, but with the accuser in my ear for a few minutes, and well, my faith had come close to erosion….  so I said it, HELP MY UNBELIEF! And I opened my eyes to see the same 2 angels who had accompanied me through the freaky tunnel a few weeks ago. And fear left. Johanna went limp and said that “Do you see it?” in a truly astounded voice, a little girl voice. I looked at her and she was not looking at MY angels. I turned my eyes to follow hers and saw another one. As I did, the angel angels opened their huge huge wings until we were actually enveloped by them. time was no more or that’s what it felt like to me,the noisy prison was totally silent to us, and that 3rd  angel, her angel, began to tell this AIDS ravished child that she would NEVER BE ALONE. And hearing that my unbelief was banished. I With the angels there I prayed an effective prayer, Full of faith and now I laid my hands upon her and I felt Power go out of Me! A sweet aroma of emanated from the angels,. Johanna slumped to the concrete floor and I went with her. I  looked at the arms of the girl. When I’d first saw them they were covered in nasty, deep, oozing sores, and right before our eyes they just dried up and were no more. I wasn’t aware of the angels departation, but they were gone leaving only a beautiful perfume. Johanna curled up on her pallet of blankets and went to sleep. I covered her up and left her sleeping. I took the stupid test results in to the women’s kitchen and burned it on the gas stove. My time was about up and I used what was left of it to tell the other women I was sorry not to have paid them any mind, and about 20 of us held hands in a circle and we prayed for each ones needs. Two of the oldest ladies walked with me to the big iron door and we hollered till a guard came to get me out. I thought I was. leaving but Rogelio met me and took me to the bleachers in the exercise yard where Frank was wrapping up teaching on Resurrection & to pray with him for the men.
It was an amazing time. Rogelio may be getting out soon and we’ve offered for him to come home. Don’t know if he will but we hope so.
One more thing and this is a shocker. When we got home the marines were gone.  The building is still there, but the camouflaged net and all signs of their occupation are gone. We are believing it’ll stay that way. Thank you Jesus for moving them along. I imagine if you look on Google Earth you can see the building now that there’s no
camouflage thing.  its painted orange. I’ll check later.
Have a raq
estful Sunday. We wish you were here and send our love to the entire family,


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