The Kings Retainer

Several years ago the Lord spoke to me and said” You are the Kings Retainer”. I did not know what a retainer was at that time but I discovered this:

. human resources servant: a paid servant, especially one who has been employed for many years

5. history follower: in former times, a soldier or other person who supported or was dependent on somebody of high rank

on (a) retainer paid regularly in order to be consulted whenever necessary, rather than being paid for each job

OLD USE a servant who has usually been with the same family for a long time:

A dependent or follower of someone of rank

From Frenchretenir, to retain.

One who retains; as an executor, who retains a debt due from the testator.

2. One who is kept in service; an attendant; as the retainers of the ancient princes and nobility.

3. An adherent; a dependant; a hanger on.

4. A servant, not a domestic, but occasionally attending and wearing his master’s livery.

historically, a follower of a house or family, and particularly used of armed followers attached to the barons of the middle ages. John Cowell, in The Interpreter (1607), defines “retainer” as a “servant not meniall nor familiar, that is, not continually dwelling in the house of his lord or master, but onely using or bearing his name or livery.” uniform: an identifying uniform worn by members of a group or trade, especially men and boys who are servants of a household or feudal retainers

2. characteristic appearance: a distinctive coloring, marking, dress, or outward appearance ( literary )

Since this time I refer to who I am as simply a servant of the Lord i.e. The King’s Retainer. Whatever He requires of me I am by His grace.


One thought on “The Kings Retainer

  1. May I come to the level of Humility and servitude to be called one of Elohim’s bridled witnesses on the path of Eternal Retainer, bondage slave, child of The Savior, Yeshua! I thank You, Jehovah Tsidknu, El Roi… For seeing my need and finding a group of Yours Father God, who love You enough to above all seek You First! Thank You Adoni for Pastor Richard and Pastor’s beautiful life and wife!

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