Richard Chambliss

Richard Chambliss servant leader Harvest of Faith Ministries. He writes  and ministers by publication, teaching and proclaiming the the Good News of God’s Reconcilliation with mankind through the finished work and ongoing intercesstion of Jesus the Christ Savior of the world and Lord and King of His Father’s Creation. Versys


3 thoughts on “Richard Chambliss

  1. detra chambliss de avila

    I love this picture and copy. Keep up the good fight of faith and please keeps in prayer a we head south tomorrow evening.
    The political climate continues to be much less than desireable, but at the same time Yahweh is showering us with fresh revelation and Word as Fresh water.
    I ponder how many other couples are blessed to be able to sit around the table and have so much joy in eating of the Living Word of God. I doubt we are normal but I pray this blessing for every married couple. We are living in a time of physical danger and spiritual infilling and the trials are worth the wisdom we are recieving.
    if Yahweh never does another thing for me , not even one more thing, II dont care , He has done enough…………………
    Remember,blessed are we FOR WE BELIEVE………..
    you daughter,d

  2. Brenda Brown

    Hey Richard!
    We’ve been looking for you for years! You look great. I can tell you like red.
    Looks like God and you have been busy these past yrs…We left Memphis 3 yrs. ago…The Lord sent us on an “Abraham” journey. We went to Claremore, Ok, then we landed in Destin, FL…It’s been an amazing journey…We’re still not sure what the Lord is up to, but we had a very clear word to leave Memphis.

    We have been blessed to be involved with some global ministries, but this is not our heart…We helped plant a church in Memphis, but have had to snatch many of the sheep out of the fire when the pastor had a nervous breakdown and began stalking members in the middle of the night…These are precious people that have no where to go…do you still preach in Southaven? I have been telling them about you, and how the Lord had so touched our lives in Southaven…

    We miss it…don’t know if you do…One thing we have discovered at the top of these so called “global” ministries, is a lot of corruption and deception…there are few leaders we now trust…very disappointed in the “elitism” we are seeing.

    The Lord is good! Larry and I have been in Destin, FL. You must come to the beach and visit…Larry is working at a CPA firm, and I am studying Bible history–trying to study Greek and Hebrew…I believe the Lord has called me as a watchman, but I have found few want to hear any warnings, etc…We have begun a ministry team of 6 that we believe have been called with us to minister to those no one else wants…it’s a very humble group not many noble, not many experienced, but whose heart is to serve the Lord…

    The Lord said to call it “Earthen Vessels Company”, servants of the Lord…no titles, no elitism…

    Would love to know how you all are doing…Do you have grandkids yet?
    Jameson is married and living in Houston, TX….He is a rocket scientist and worked on the shuttle lauch team for 7 yrs. till it disbanded…He has a new job, praise God, but I’m not sure what it is…He is a strong seer and prophet but has been hiding it from us since he was 18…he’s not particularly happy about it…He knows God has a call on his life, he’s just trying to figure it out on his own, so we “zip it” ..His wife also has a call of intercessor and seer in her life, so we work with her…she’s glad she wasn’t going crazy…They are a precious couple…no grandkids in sight..

    How is Pamela? We do miss you guys and think of you often…the time we spent with you guys has been the highlight of our life…those were really good times in the Lord…You both have blessed our lives, and we have many good memories of the little Southaven Bldg.

    Time to go study…Tell all Hi from us…It is a serious offer to come for a visit…The Lord has blessed us with a condo on the bay…the ocean is on the other side…we marvel at the Creator’s handiwork..

    His servants,
    Larry and Brenda Brown
    918-576-3669 918-549-5008

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