Word From Baja

Yes. He came to me before the rising of the sun which we know and shone fiercely not as that one but as THE ONE.
He wrapped me in a mantle of a cloth unlike any fine cloth I have ever touched or desired He laced upon my feet fine slippers of the softest  skin tied with twilight colored ribbons.Then he took me to the highest mountain that let me gaze not just upon this city but many many cities. And what I saw made my King  cry.
We stood and watched the sun begin to rise and as it did He wept tears that crushed my heart and wrapped His arms around me and begin to speak.
“All that We have done yet Our people perish no longer for lack of knowledge or misunderstanding of Our Word or because no one tells them the Truth .
They perish while sitting beneath the very Tree of Life because though the Seed is sown they forget quickly from one blink of My Eye to the next.
I have given them prophets and teachers and pastors. They have seen miracles and wonders in their midst and although they see & hear one day they become deaf and nite the next. They allow what I say to be pushed onto the back of the fire.
The angels that bring to you my messages cannot feed the hungry hearts for that is the priviledge of each of you yet they do not take upon them the responsibilities that are theirs.
Remind them every one that it is not  only the responsibility of the prophets the pastors the teachers or those who have walked away from these fleeting idols of this life to give their lives to me.Hungry hearts abound and each believer is needed to carry the Seed from the Body and feed the hunger that surpasses all hunger. Tell them they come to the Body to be nourished but are never meant to take nourishment continually yet never grow.

This happened to me this morning and my understanding is that the Body of Christ MUST not be satisfied with Sunday Christianity where they come together one day but never release unto the lost what they have received. His People must WEAR the mantle EVERYDAY and seek out the broken & hungry hearts and stop looking to someone.else to bear the Good News.  It is each believers calling to plant the Eternal Seed they receive at the Storehouse .
It grieves the Heart of Our King to see how easily Sunday’s message is pushed to the back of believers minds by such fleeting petty circumstances as are allowed to sway them from their course….

Detra Chambliss DeAvila

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