Good Evening Dear Ones,

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Well,  I’m a bit (ha) tired, so is Frank. But must share this……..would be negligent not to.
Today,  .
79 people were fed  , and not just massive plates of food!!!!!
But they got a nice plate of the Word, about STANDING WHEN YOU WANT TO LAY DOWN AND QUIT.
It was about 7am when the first 15 children showed up playing in the park.
They just kept coming until 11:30 , when we counted them  and I had to pray over pots.NO WAY WAS IT ENOUGH BY LOOKING AT IT BUT THERE WAS MORE than ENOUGH,  there wad enough for those who wanted second servings AND enough  for my neighbor Juanita enough to take home for her families dinner, another aweinspiring day.
When the financial circumstances are looking bad and my flesh is screaming’ STOP. YOU MUST MAKE CHANGES &CUT BACK.’
But here is Yahweh saying another thing & as if He expects our reaction to be faith, don’t stop, do what I Say response,  and He is sending us trusting us with all of these hungry people so we can only let His Glory be seen and hope that thru this  testimony someone will get an infusion of Faith and obey.
If He’s guiding, He is Providing. He is Provision..


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