Apostolic and Prophetic Women of Power

Apostolic and Prophetic Women of Power

I am reminded of the first century Protomartyr, Thekla, meaning “glory of God.” [Note: This story is taken from the New Testament apocrypha that is not generally given the acceptance of canonized Scripture. John G. Lake mentions this story of Thekla below as well.] She is said to be the first woman martyr for the Gospel. Daughter of a wealthy family in Iconium, Thekla was engaged at the age of 18. When she heard the Apostle Paul’s teachings from her bedroom window, she took a vow of chastity, refused to marry, and ran away from her home. Her family became so angry that they had Paul locked in prison. (Photo of Saint Thecla via Wikimedia Commons)

Eventually Paul was banished from the city, and Thekla was sentenced to be burned because she refused to be separated from Christ. As the flames were lit, light surrounded her and rain came and extinguished the flames. She began to travel with the Apostles, preaching the Gospel in Antioch, where she was condemned to death again for being a Christian. In an arena full of wild animals, the beasts would not touch her, but laid at her feet. The crowd began to shout, “Great is the God of the Christians!” Apostle Paul then blessed her, sending her to preach the Word of God, and she went about healing the sick through prayer.

John G. Lake, in his sermon, “The Truth About Divine Healing,” was discussing the school of Tyrannus, where the teachings of philosophy and psychology were discarded for Paul’s teachings about the Spirit. Lake said, “From this school came Thekla, a Grecian noblewoman, a God-anointed healer, whose ministry of healing is said by students to have set a record. And still there are those who would deny the right of Christian ministry to women.”

Thekla converted many pagans to Christ, and the Church famously named her as “Equal-to-the-Apostles.”

In light of the word shared by Kim Clement I remembered a word we received on Jan 4 of this year. Here it is

In light of the word shared by Kim Clement I remembered a word we received on Jan 4 of this year. Here it is

Write it down, record it says the Lord. For that angel of the Lord is come and has spoken this to me. By July of this year says the Lord you shall see a great defeat of the enemy that would rise up against this nation. There shall be a time before that people shall be cast out down despair.
And fear shall be  in the world. But it shall not be so for my people says the Lord. Not just my people but my people who will trust me says the Lord.  But as they begin this year not to look at the things that are seen nor gaze at the things seen  but look at the things not seen. For the darkness shall overtake those that are looking out there at the things that are happening. But those who look in my heart shall know my goodness and know my mercy. They shall see the breakthrough that is coming says the Lord. Not only a breakthrough through for the church but a breakthrough for the nation, and amazing breakthrough for the nation I will cause the people to cheer to stand in the straight and literally cheer and give glory to God because enemies defeated. They shall rise up a turnaround that shall rise up a turnaround there shall arise up a turnaround. Many shall say what a coincidence this is. All we’ve done such a great job. But those who know God will know he is turned it around. There shall be a at the ending of this year our great victory says the Lord. Write it down and write it down and write it down with Angel Lord has commanded and know this he has summoned he is blown for for his trumpet. Those who trust in me in the midst of circumstances they shall see a financial breakthrough in this in their lives that they’re not saying before. But it will not be a financial breakthrough for them of covetousness of the heart but for the giving of the heart to give to the poor giving to those who suffer and to those who have needs. Josh shall be such an outflow in and out for my love that I shall supply them says the  Lord. All shall rejoice  and many minds shall   change not all but many mine shall change . And the spirit of doubt the spirit of unbelief , the spirit of fear shall be broken off this nation. But who are they -says the Lord ,that shall rise up and destroy that one who stood high and lifted up  by the Father- who are t they shall dismayed and fall to their knees and say, That Jesus is Lord, He is the Christ, He is the Son of God,
Shout to the Lord ,Bless the Lord