I am relaying this word by Doug Addison.

I am relaying this word by Doug Addison. The Lord spoke to me in January that we were entering into 7 fat years. That we are touse this time to lay up and prepare by using this time of increase to get out of debt and develop a lifesyle of dependance on His provision. It seemed  as the word does to be contrary to what the gainsayers and prophets of doom were saying.  Pamela and I have decided to beleive the Lord and prosper in order to be a storehouse of blessing for the future generations who will come to know Him and His fullness in the days of Glory to come.

Be blesssed


Prophetic Word:
Keys to Open Up Blessings

June 25, 2015
Doug Addison

Have you heard any of the negative rumors that people are saying about how the economy and the stock market are going to crash? Have you heard people saying that God is judging the world? Some people are actually saying that God is about to shake the world to its core and that God will use this crash to transfer the wealth of the wicked into the hands of the righteous (Proverbs 13:22).

For this reason they are pulling their money out of the market and storing up finances. This is not what God is calling us to do right now. This kind of thinking is driven by spiritual pride and instills fear in people. We have to be careful that we don’t buy into this and actually cause the economy to crash from self-fulfilling prophecies and activities.

What I am hearing from God is that yes, there are difficult times and turmoil happening even now. People are misinterpreting what they are hearing and seeing. This is not the destruction or judgment level of a total worldwide crash. I heard God clearly and have been releasing prophetic words that we are in a seven-year season to prepare for repayment and blessing…

Doug Addison


  omnes amandi. All must be loved. 
  oppressi liberandi, The oppressed to be liberated, 

: We are saved by GRACE ALONE, through FAITH ALONE, in Christ ALONE, and all the GLORY TO GOD ALONE.