“Father, Son, and Holy Bible???” Mark Virkler,

“Father, Son, and Holy Bible???” Mark Virkler, Cheektowaga, NY

Does the Church Have a Problem With the Holy Spirit?

If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit. Galatians 5:25 NKJV

Since the historical Church has minimized the role of the Holy Spirit, and replaced living by the Spirit (see Galatians 5:25) with living by the Bible, we need to restore Him to His rightful place in our lives.

Note the first part of the “Apostles’ Creed” below [used by much of the Western Church for centuries], (source: spurgeon.org):

– I believe in God, the Father Almighty, Creator of Heaven and earth.

– I believe in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord. He was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit, and born of the virgin Mary. He suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died, and was buried. He descended to the dead. On the third day He rose again. He ascended into Heaven and is seated on the right hand of the Father. He will come again to judge the living and the dead.

– I believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy Church…

Notice that those who wrote this creed have absolutely nothing to say about the Holy Spirit other than He exists! Is the Bible itself really that silent about the Holy Spirit, or do we have a problem here? (Photo via Pixabay)

Well, we have written an entire book in which we guide the reader in looking up every Scripture verse about the Holy Spirit, and journaling about it, with the goal of discovering WHO HE IS and what He does and how we are to relate and interact with Him. This book is called Intimacy with the Holy Spirit.

I have condensed the five-page summary prayer at the end of the book (pages 209-214), to the following simple prayer you can hang on your mirror and pray every morning and evening:

Holy Spirit, come.
I come to You.
I welcome You.
I will not grieve You.
I look to see You, and You show me Your perspective.
You give me Your thoughts.
You tell me what’s on the heart of God.
I feel You.
You release God’s emotions within me.
You guide me.
You anoint my lips, my mind, my heart, my hands.
You make me creative.
You sanctify me for my life’s work.
You release Your personality through me.
You release in me the power to be holy.
You release the power of God to me.
Let Your words flow through me.
Authenticate Your words with Your power.
You take me away…
Holy Spirit, come.

How to Remove the Number One Block to a Prophetic Lifestyle: Value the Holy Spirit

Wouldn’t this be a good time to prayerfully explore every verse in the Bible on the Holy Spirit? This would allow you to discover all that He desires to do for you. Also, you will learn how you can effectively interact with Him every day, all day, thus ascending to your Biblically commanded posture of living and walking by the Spirit (see Galatians 5:25). You will be allowing the God of Scripture to guide your daily walk rather than displacing Him with a book He has written which describes other people’s experiences with Him.

I love what Bill Johnson says, “It’s hard to have the same fruit as the early Church when we value a book they didn’t have above the Holy Spirit they did have.” (Photo by Linda Harris-Iorio “Keeper of the Flame” via elijahshopper.com)

What are your insights on Holy Spirit and your experiences with Him? Let your testimony bless others and encourage them in their walk in the Spirit!

What it Feels Like to Walk by the Spirit

The testimony below is from Alexey, who only a few weeks ago learned to do two-way journaling as he worked through our Communion With God Course with a Personal Spiritual Trainer. Alexey is in the process of breaking away from the Communist heritage of his ancestors. The journaling below is an example of living by the Spirit, or out of the voice of God. Alexey has lived out of the Word for years and now is finding life in the Holy Spirit, and experiencing what it feels like to walk by the Spirit.

Alexey and Orshi Bogdanov
Nationality: Russian and Hungarian
Location: Ireland
Original language of journaling: Russian
Translated into: English
(My two-way journaling workshop with Jesus)

Good evening, Lord. I haven’t enough words that I could thank You enough, that You are calling me into Your actions. What does this mean, Lord? I am ready to hear and receive. Do You wish to tell me something? Today I lost focus, forgive me. I would like to learn to find You in my spirit.

“I would like to live through you. Would you like to give Me this opportunity?”

Yes, Lord, I would.

“Then don’t limit Me with your decisions that are controlled by fear.”

How to destroy this spirit of fear? Lord, I have no faith.

“Then ask from Me, I’ll give it to you.”

I am asking now for Your faith to defeat this fear. Are there steps I should take to remove this fear?

“Unconditional love chases out fear.”

What does this practically mean? I know it’s written in Your Word. How does it work?

“Where I am there is no fear. When My presence is manifested there is only love there, which remains. Where there is love, be there, abide in it. Everything that is won over by love will not pass away. This is the fruit that remains.”

I understand. Wonderful! How do I experience this in my life?

(Note: At this moment I experienced such an intense presence of God that I forgot everything.)

“You are just now experiencing it. I am with you, don’t you feel it?”

Absolutely! There – I feel fire inside of me…

“Don’t quench it, it is a standard, sign of My presence, don’t pour on it your own actions. Go after this, and you will know My presence in a practical way.”

Oh, Lord, it is so wonderful to worship You. I have no words now, they’re not enough… I now understand that it’s not as important to know answers to my questions as it is to realize Who is with me in this moment. The question will always be, “Am I living in an awareness of You, or am I living in self-awareness?”

“My Holy Spirit is the indicator that shows, teaches, leads, and creates through your human spirit. You can know Him by sensing Him in your inner man. Remember that I am in your heart. The sensation inside of you is the indicator of faith. Remember that the language of faith is different than the language of the mind. Protect this sensation inside of you; don’t let the seducing spirits injure your heart.” (Photo by Lillis Boyer “Set Me as a Seal upon Your Heart” via elijahshopper.com)

I want to worship You, Lord Jesus.

“I know that. This kind of worshippers does My Father look for, and you are one of them.”

Thank you.

“You want to ask Me how to follow Me, right?”

Yes, Lord.

“You see that My presence takes away all your questions. Where there are no more questions, there are no more problems.”

Then what is left?

“You and I…our fellowship together…this is a time of joy in our union. This is the culmination of all: My union with My creation. This is the celebration of love. This is better than money. Do you agree?”

Yes, Lord.

“My life swallows up everything. Literally everything! Celebrate the feast of My Life!”

Dr. Mark Virkler
President, Christian Leadership University (CLU)
Communion With God Ministries
Email: cwg@cwgministries.org
Website: cwgministries.org | cluonline.com


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  1. christlifetraining

    Great word Richard – Holy Spirit is God with us. I cannot live without Him. He is the testimony of life in my life.

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