Report From Baja Mission

Blessings of every manner to our friends  around  the world  today,

Brother Frank and I wanted to take a minute to say hello and let everyone  know what’s  been  happening  around  here in our little corner  of Mexico.
It’s been an action packed time here with the indigenous  field workers organizing  and for the first time in two administrations actually  going through with a full out strike. To this day  hardly any of the strikers very few requests  have come to fruition.It is reported there have been  multi millions of dollars  of crops lay rotting  in the fields between and around Ensenada and San Quintin one of the most fertile  agricultural  areas in all of Mexico. So the price of strawberries will be sky high this summer as will cucumbers and tomatoes.I  understand  the workers plight but it is sad in a country so literally starving to see any food rotting  on its vine.
Here of course it speaks eloquently of the spiritual hunger of the idigenous and the population  in general.
We have been set  here in a country that is at war with itself and the demonic forces that are the lust  of  the  flesh. And not only is it spiritual  but it is REALLY SPILLING  OVER INTO THE PHYSICAL  REALM.
Just a few weeks ago, we,Frank,myself and several
Indigenous women riding in our vehicle were stopped  at an army road  block and detained  for over 24 hours while being interrogated by armed masked soldiers  with regard  to our suspected involvement with  the uprising of which at that time we were unaware was happening and that it had indeed led to looting, lychings, shootings, stonings and all manner of violence! THANKFULLY and boy am I thankful, we were released unharmed. In years past our brushes with the government  hadn’t been so painless. Not to glorify that first trial, but I now see  it in a totally different  liight knowing it was preparing me for victory in this passing tribulation.duh!  I was supposed  to be learning!
As for what it has to do with all of you who  support  us especially  those who pray for us we want to thank you for your prayers. You need to know that they are very effective and serve us when we are in a situation  where we personally  CANNOT pray ! So we want to thank you all so much.Thank you!
Your continued  spiritual & physical financial help touches many many lives. We are currently  serving 50 hot meals everyday. How Yahweh  stretches the food I haven’t a clue & have long since quit trying  to figure it out because my little brain can’t wrap around the daily miracles He does.  I Just know it needs doing and if I show up and start cooking  H’ell provide the financials. BUT, I KNOW it takes you mixing  your faith with your gift then me mixing my faith in and voila we have lots of beans! It’s the faith you mix with your gift that starts the Yahweh chain reaction that leads to feeding 67 folks when you only had 2 pounds of chicken! So again THANK YOU ALL! For with whatever you can or even better you think you can’t ,but you do it anyway that’s what will put hot fóod in  a hungry persons belly and that’s the real deal
And now something else I think y’all need to hear because its not just about the feeding.
When I opened  up the back door this morning  this was in the slot folks stick things in because we don’t have a mailbox. It was written  in pencil in child’s script though  a child didn’t write it as you’ll  come to know.
I sat down in the still  cold morning  sun and read,-

“Dear Pastors  Didí and Fran,
i don’t have  a good way with writing words  or expressing my feelings but I couldn’t  wait the sun to come rise before I had to walk up her and leave you this I know its not much of nothing but hope you’ll be able to use it. I wish I could given  you more for all give done for my family and me.thank you for always helping us gibving us food and clean water but mostly thsnk you for calling on your god to save my husbands life thank you for coming all the way to the hospital  to be  with me when he was dying,when not one of our family was there you two was there and all I can say is that when you walked in the hospital room that I knew what the doctors  said about javier jhad lost too much blood and wouldn’t live the night well when I saw you I knew they’d lied right to my face.something embarrassing   happened inside and my eyes started  to make water and I couldn’t stop my eyes.and then you both prayed so quiet and from then I knew my javi would not die the doctors lied because  well you know he’s home and can walk around and he’s really happy and quiet. Thanks to you for bringing us home together and both alive.”
I read the pencil letter (it must of been down to a stub because the writing in it got lighter and lighter ) I read it two times and cried for joy that the Lord had let us pray for this man our neighbor. I had to repent some , cause honestly ,
before I hadn’t liked him much,I hadn’t liked the “macho” ways he treated his wife and all women including  me, I guess. And to be perfectly honest ,when word came to us that he was in critical condition at 2am I REALLY REALLY didn’t want to get up get dressed and go visit a man I didn’t hold on high esteem.  Looking back at it, I am pretty  darned selfish when it comes to being in my jammies in my warm bed. I m not the kind of person  you’d think The Lord in all His Wisdom would make a pastors wife. I don’t fit the mold. But He’ll flow where and when and through whatever He wants  and I am living proof  of that. But anyway I looked up at the bag hanging on the doorknob after I finished leaking  all over the stool and in the bag was a hand crocheted tortillawarmer, a pretty pink dainty one that I know her now deceased mama had given her as a wedding  gift because I’d seen it holding  pride of place in her kitchen and id asked her  about it & its provenance. It humbled me pretty sore to get that gift I’ll tell you. And my eyes got to leaking again.
ANYWAY,  yes Javier was healed and saved and yesterday  Frank took him to hospital  for the check up to see if they might need  to remove his spleen which had been really deathly enlarged on that night in the hospital. Yesterday  we were told his spleen seemed that of a 21 year old and they mumbled a lot while sending him on his way,pronounced  healthy as a horse.
Before leaving him at home yesterday Frank asked him if he might want us to come visit and have a little  quiet prayer sometime.  Javier answered, ” Brother,  you can come to this and pray as long as you want and as LOUD  AS YOU CAN anytime. He said your God is the one I want if hell have me.”And so, Don Javier was born again in the front seat of the Excursion.
What’s is got to with you all??
Without you we could not pay for gas or maintain that vehicle that takes us on those nighttime  healing trips and that’s just a part of why a thank you is again in order.
Today I met a new neighbor. She’s here from the state  of Zacatecas trying to make money to raise her brood of 4,aged 3-9. Just as a matter  of course I asked her about the childrens father.  In a very sad soft voice she matter of factly said,” Oh well ,6 months ago he was kidnapped. She paid the asked ransom, $1 million pesos.  ($100k approx. in US) the kidnappers took the money and returned her husband to her restaurant  in small pieces in a trash bag. Now, imagine  I stood in my home talking about this atrocity just today.  Somehow I managed to pray for her, Holy Spirit  did anyway  because  I was in shock. But this is what our life is like and this is why we thank the Lord that you all stand by and at times for us.
I share these things not to shock or frighten you bút because I see other missionaries touring the safety of their host country, because they don’t want people to know the truth  and stop visíting.
But this is the truth of the way things are and I am proof that if I order my steps by what Holy Spirit directs me Every time, ill be okay and the same goes for us all. It can be as simple as taking one way to the store instead of another because your listening to the King of Kings,then you will always come out more than better!
So, love,blessings and eternal gratitude from Detra,Frank and His Bride in Baja