Merry Christmas


I just wanted to write and say I pray you all have a blessed Christmas this year and to encourage you to come and receive from the Spirit of Grace tomorrow at our service tomorrow here at Harvest. I have a word to share and we will be sharing the Lords table celebrating His Gift to the World Jesus. Slow down from the pressure of the world and enjoy. We all enjoy the great stuff about this season ,food and family and gifts. but it can be an incredibly stressful time of demands being placed on us financially and emotionally.That’s the worlds pressure placed upon you that the Father never intended the celebration of His Son to be. The Law places demands but Grace supplies the answer to these demands. Don’t let Christmas be a time of grudging obligation to fill the list of what is expected by the world to be right. Receive the abundant grace supplied by the Messiah to experience the Kingdom of righteousness ,peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. It is His pleasure to give you the Kingdom.
For those who are out of town or far away that I don’t get to see have a Merry Christmas. to yo all that are near I hope to see you tomorrow.