Happy Thanksgiving

How are ya’ll doing? All is well here, its been a long day and I am glad to be home. I had my little guests today. I wasn’t 100% sure they’d be back, but I prepared just in case. I had dug out what little person clothes I posess (very little), some toys and sippy cups and some good smelling shampoo. (It may sound crazy that I have to bathe little kids if they are going to be in the HOUSE, but you must understand that their method of cooking is over open wood fires, that they dont wear shoes or diapers and that they only bathe once a week at “home.” I have found that if i try to bring them in the house “as is” they really really don’t feel comfortable and nor do I as the wood smoke smell , dirt and other “natural” layers of smells rub off really fast on the furniture and rugs and blankets…………….and since we wash by hand it isn’t feasible to just willy nilly dirty up the few blankets and towels we have.)
So anyway, by 7am I was anxiously awaiting them and by 7:30 had given up with a slight sigh of relief! Then at 8 they came ambling up the hill like turtles. (Imagine a 14 month old can only walk so fast anyway.) the baby is yet unnamed, I just call him Buddy and the girl is Seska and she is 5. She would get imp[atient walking up the hill and would occasionally attempt to carry Buddy.
So I went out when they got here and asked them if they were staying today. Seska said yes and pushed Buddy at me. I trundled him in to bathe and the girl set to swinging. We had breakfast at the table and immediately the little girl was at the door wanting out. she stayed out most of the day just popping in every half hour or so to see if ‘Buddy” was okay. Buddy seemed to warm right up, eating and playing and napping at will.
By noon I was WORN OUT. This babysitting is no joke. Seriously. By 1, Buddy was napping and I figured I’d work on uphostering an old bench i’ve been putting off when a sorely used Explorer showed up honking like mad. When I went to check on who it could be I found an elderly american gal from Punta Banda that I met years ago thru the Theatre. She told me she had a crisis and needed help. She usually watches her elderly neighbor (age 71) but had an appointment in san Diego and needed help, someone told her to ask me etc etc.
The woman was so upset that I said okay okay I’ll go and sit with the woman until 4pm when the maid arrives. She waited while I bundled up the two charges I already had and we followed her back to this huge house on the beach, where she introduced me to Greta the lady she watches who “oh by the way has Alzheimer’s”…………….I was taken aback but already there and Seska was enthralled with a giant plasma screen tv and the oceans rolling almost to the front window so I said okay okay I’ll watch her……………….with the quotation about widows and children rolling about in my head also mind you.
A few minutes later and I was alone with two children and Greta.
The baby slept and Seska watched a video of the Little Mermaid. I set to feeding Greta. It wa sa bizarre situation. I have never had contact with anyone with Alzhiemer’s .
Greta seemed perfectly at home with me and in fact thought I was Suzanne , her sister. She was talking about what a great day we had had yesterday and how excited she was to go to New York tomorrow. This statement impacted me so heavily as I realized this woman who looked wholly healthy had no idea who I really was or where she was. She told me , “Oh Suzanne you are so beautiful!” over and over. To break the rote I finally asked the lady, “How old are you anyway , Greta?”
Without hesitation, she answered, “Well, twenty!” and her s,mile was infectious. I thought, wow, that’s cool, I mean if I had to be any age 20 would be fine. And maybe that’s what we’d all like to return to.
Greta and I proceeded to talk about her dreams and she so enjoyed “Buddy.” Really the afternoon passed quickly. When Greta napped , I took the kids down to the waves and let them play around, the sun had come out and I taught Seska to hunt for shells. Before I knew it was 4pm and the maid/caregiver of Greta arrived to take over.
I got the kids ready to go and went to say goodbye to the lady. I kissed her cheek an dtold her I would return when I could. As I turned to go she grabbed my wrist, and startled me a little.
“What? I said before I could think.
“tell them,” she said.
“Tell them, who what?”, I was tired and off guard.
“Tell the people ,” she said, “tell them I love them.”
I answered that I would and kissed her on the head, but her eyes haunted me all the way home as what she said kept resounding in my ears. Her one big desire today and maybe everyday now, is that people know she loves them…………….and for some reason I identified that with our Lord and how that really is His one desire. That people know how much He loves them.Maybe He spoke through her today. I know I feel like He did because it wont go away…….an dHe can flow through anyone any situation.
Lord bless her and people like her, the helpless and the orphans…………….
In Jesus’ Name,
happy Thanksgiving.

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