Giving Thanks For the Pioneers

Giving Thanks

I give thanks for all the pioneers that have come before me that broke the ground that I sow in. Everyone must not forget those that pushed ahead into the time that we now stand in to reap the benefits of their perseverance and sufferings and joys of grace that the Lord enabled them with in order for us to stand where we are today. They may not have been aware that they were pioneers at the time. Only struggling to survive in a hostile and new world that others feared to enter in. alone and despite the fear of the unknown along with the voices of those who warned them of what might happen if they entered into the land inhabited by giants. But giants must be conquered in order for others to follow into easier settling in. that there my be expansion of the kingdom the Lord has envisioned. Not all are pioneers. Other must follow to do the work of perfecting the vision and establishing the safe place we dwell in today. But don’t forget the pioneers. They are not remembered often nor is their sacrifice honored save in small reference by some . But remember these things you enjoy and sometime take for granted as normal today were once strange and forbidden by the Status Quo. They were warned against and tales rehear-st of the doom that lay be before those who strayed outside the boundaries of what is established. So go the pioneers led only by vision and a grace of courage to endure . Always the temptation to turn back they somehow pushed forward knowing there was more out there. Always dissatisfied with the way things are . Thank god for the grace of the pioneer that leads on to conquer the mountain that lays before. . Only in the future will they be recognized as they stand before the Lord on that day when all the deeds of men are judged. Will they hear and they themselves realized what was accomplished by what the world saw as foolish and but their hearts knew was more. So if you are a pioneer of today rejoice in your reward. Knowing every step you take forward into the unknown by the grace of the Lord led only be His still small voice bidding you to come on for there is more. Knowing that in the end of your pioneering lays ahead. Your conquest to be enjoyed by those who followed in your steadfast pushing forward into the land of more. Await the voice that surely you shall hear from the master builder when He pronounces, “Well done good and faith servant My Pioneer. Nov 8.2013 Richard Chambliss Southaven Ms

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