Eye Has Not Seen

Eye Has Not Seen

“Eye has not seen nor ear heard the things I prepared for you,” says the Lord

The enemy is trying to shut you down here at the end of the old and the dawn of the new.

Walk by faith in my promises pressing into that which I have prepared for you and yours, those that have heard and believed the words you have spoken that you have heard me speak into your spirit and have uttered in their hearing.

“I am watching over My word and My purpose to fulfill it”, says the Lord Who creates light in the darkness and calls those things that be not as though they were.

 I am forming things now in the realm of My kingdom that shall be manifest on the earth. There shall be abundant provision for the vision I have for you and for all those who will listen believe and act.

Signs and wonders and miraculous acts will occur as the time draws near for my appearing.

Many will fall away but many will come to occupy their place.

sadness to those who walked away in unbelief but great joy for those who take hold in faith to my promises and act.

December 30 2013


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