The weather is warm here and supposed to be warmer tomorrow, so lots of little ones will come get their water. Each child under 5 brings their own 2 liter coke bottle for personal use, and those over 6 will carry a five gallon container or bring a jerry rigged milk crate/cart with wheels filled with 2 liter bottles. Currently, we are providing water (Yahweh is) for exactly 68 people. We know because recently, (two weeks ago) the Lord showed us He wanted us to start having the people /children sign for water just to have a record. So after years of willy nilly doing it, now we have an accurate record. The kids are ino it. They like making their little mark on a clipboard that hangs by the water tank…….. another thing is that they are so GRATEFUL. For the first time after years of doing this I notice that NOW the people stand below the balcony before getting water and yell, “HERMANO/A Can we have water?” “YES, we yell back, and they say GRACIAS YAHWEH, GRACIAS HERMANO/A” . Cool.brothers & cousins


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