Baja Report More

Well we have just returned from our trip to Tijuana to see off the remainder of Mario’s siblings. And returned strangely enough to see the very lilies that Mario planted in the front yard BLOOMING.
About half of them actually opened up in the space of time that it took us to go to TJ and return! Really wild. They were late this year (usually they come up right on Easter) and it has to be one of Yahweh’s tender mercies to have them open up on a day that has been fraught with mixed emotions.
We took off at around 5:30 am, loaded down with skinny little bean burritos wrapped in homemade corn tortillas given by Mario’s grandmother, Catalina. We breakfasted on the big beach at La Salina.
Aquilino, having just returned from his pueblo,this week, stood in the dust and cried little dirt streaks as we left. They are his cousins and mostly the only children that can bear Aquilino in high doses. So he will miss them just like us.
Vale -age 13,will likely be married when we see her next and Virginia , age 9 will have taken over the housekeeping role most likely.
We were able to get them all on the same bus, which was an answer to prayer. I guess a lot of families get split up en route to Oaxaca and that was something we really wanted to avoid as to us, these are still children. The littlest boy, Irineo, clung to Frank and it was hard to peel him off, while little Marianna, was giggling and excited at the rather raggedy looking bus, and we kept having to tell her to keep her backpack closed as she is amazed by its neon zippers.My emotions were really mixed as they have grown to be like family. we have been through a lot together, cornea transplants, weddings, birthdays and deaths…………………….most importantly though I should be grateful that we are sending the three elder children home saved and baptized and looking towards Resurrection life. Regardless of whether I ever see them in this world again iI know I” see them in the Kingdom.
Ans although it is sad to say goodbye, their departure makes room for new families to get to know and to share the Word and His Love with…………
Blessings to all,
Sis Detra


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