Baja Report

Anyway, in the past few days Frank is back beyond “normal”……………… I just must help him not to supersede wisdom and go slow and receive his healing. I myself am out of fear and having lots of old families moving back “home” to Guerrerro and OXA and lots and lots of new families coming on in………………all looking for the “House Who Loves……..”
I am blessed to have so many new people old and young showing up as if they already know us. Evidently they have received a testimony from relatives and friends and that is evidence for me that the Seed is unstoppable
In an exodus that started about 9 days go, the remainder of Mario’s family is scheduled to go home to Copala OXA on Sunday. We have been spending lots of time with them as they say goodbye all week…….a long dramatic and painful for me anyway process…………………we will be taking Mario’s sister (Vale, Virginia, Marianna, and his brothers Irineo and Domingo to eat early in the morning and then placing them onto the “Gold Coast” Charter bus to Oaxaca at around 8:30am. We will not have regular church meeting tomorrow as we ll want to see them off from Tijuana.. They could leave from Maneadero here but in trying that they might get split into different buses, so we have decided to get them on one bus from TJ, so they can go together.
It is already sad. I wish I was almost going………………….. most likely some will eventually return but it is hard. I have known Marianna since she was 3 months old and tomorrow she will be carrying her own little backpack ( a garishly pink/purple “Hello Kitty” number) with all of her worldly goods encompassed. Walking on her own two bare feet. Little Marrianna! How can time pass so quickly??
Please everyone keep this family in prayer……………..that they will carry not just caricatured backpacks but the Word of Yahweh embodied in their little selves…………..the Seed Eternal which no one can stop.
Love to everyone at home, keep up the good fight of faith….in Jesus’ Name,
Sis. Detra


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