Wow. I am still really high on what happened yesterday. And MORE.
Demetria, a 18 year old mom of three, all 3 filled with Holy Spirit
yesterday, walked about 2 miles to the Mission today.
Why? (you might ask.)
Well, I’ll tell you. Her children, ages 4, 5 and 7 all received a big
dose of the Holy Spirit yesterday. (Hold on, read at own risk as it
gets wild here.)

She came here today asking for the “Explanation” again. She said they
have been talking to each other IN A LANGUAGE” she doesn’t understand.
And they have been like, loving each other ever since the Meeting
yesterday. She was ‘concerned” a bout the behavior.
Well, what does one say??
Really I know this may sound wild even for my Uncle Richard, but it is
what I am saying!!
Frank called me down and we called her upstairs and showed her in the
Word, in the book of Acts about the Holy Spirit and reiterated that
she should be not worried- but HAPPY. And she said , “Oh no you
misunderstand me. I want it too. What my babies have. Can I get it??
My husband is gone, (he is in Guerrrerro, to return until like
January next) and I feel weak and alone…….”
So we laid hands on her in Jesus’ Name. I didn’t ask for the
infilling or anything in specific, but she immediately started
speaking in tongues. And weeping alternated with laughter. It caught
onto me as well. (And according to me I was still “in recovery” in
seclusion from my big day yesterday, well forget
It is day two in row of miracles for me. After a drought of what I
would say are really BIG supernatural movements /actions, we seem to
be entering another place.
What does it mean? Why now?? I haven’t been doing anything
special…………I would venture to say Ia hd even kind of thought
“those days” had passed for me. I had reconciled my life with that of
others I know who had seen great movements of the Spirit, then gone on
to live “normal” life.
Today, I feel again, strange, different, EXCITED, called and chosen to
be at least a reporter of what is happening here and hopefully more!
But , I more than ever must reflect upon the fact that I was saved by
GRACE. Yahweh chose people to intercede for me when I was yet born
maybe, or at least a small child. He sent people (you both) to bring
me the precious Gospel at the age of 6 years…………….which
makes me realize that I WAS BUT A CHILD (just like the ones we
minister to, live with……..yet He sent you on a trek across the
States to have me HEAR the Word. As a CHILD I was important to Him
even if apparently not so important to my own parents.
It is awesome because at times I think , “Here we are ministering to
almost exclusively, CHILDREN. What kind of famous worldwide ministry
is this???”
And yet, tonight I can say, it is something important. If Yahweh has
us here speaking to CHILDREN as I once was, they can go forth and do
things much bigger than I have done……and there is so much yet to be
revealed, and it will likely be these children or their children who
see those “GREATER THINGS” that Jesus spoke of…………….


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