Miracles in Baja

Dear UNCLE RICHARD aka, “UR”…….,

HEY!! Today is not a “BURD” day. It has been an AWESOME day for the Church! It was so good it reminded me of the times when I used to hustle my rear down to the old payphone in front of the little market in Cantu at midnite to call you guys collect to tell you what miracle had happened!

I gave you so many $250 phone calls that you cut me off. Seriously! “This number no longer accepts collect calls”.

REALLY, TODAY WAS A DAY LIKE when I used to write to, “UR”.

So , I am dragging out your old moniker……………….we had such a great Meetings today.

We had about 14 adults and 38 children, most from 5-7, quite a few little toddlers, too.
The kids really got into worship during the praise before Frank taught, then Dania took them outside to teach them a Scripture and a new song becuse we had so many adults and Frank felt led to teach
the parents separatly. He taught about gossip and how damging and hurtful it can be and then on forgiveness and forgiving people who hd hurt you. It was good and the people really recieved it. When he was done teaching he called the little children back in . Dania brought them up front (around 25 of them) to sing their new song for the parents. These little barefooted indians preformed an adorable little song then recited John 3:16…………….they were so adorable. These were the littlest normally most disruptive boogers. When they finished and Dania started singing an adoration song, Frank and I just looked at each other and both of us said we NEED to pray for these children.
I felt the annointing so strong as I started walking up to this long line of little ones. They were lined out before the whole Church this row of tiny people and Yahweh showed me just that, very specifically, that I should pray for them-minister to them just as I would adults. I came from the front nd Frank behind them. I went down the line and lifted each childs tiny hands up to the Lord. As I did, I SAW the Lord sitting on His Throne, watching us!! His was seated but leaning towards us just slightly over Frank’s right shoulder, His Face was one of sheer delight………..I can’t describe it anny further, what He looked like now it is hard to describe. Anyway, I went back to the beginning of the line to the first li guy about 4 yers old. He still had is hands up and he was just CONCENTRATED , his eyes shut -head down, I heard clearly the Lord say, “Go ahead, ask me to do it. Ask me to fill them……….” real clear the Voice was and I tell you the annointing was powerful.
I did it. I did not explain anything to the child. He would not have understood me anyway as he spoke no Spanish, only Mixtec. We laid hands on him and I asked. AND THE LITTLE FELLOW GOT IT. Tongues just rolled out, flowed out like water that had been backed up a long time! The little guy was laughing a little , too. I wnent on to the next one and left that one just babbling away! I was about to fall down myself! And it was just the first kid.
The next kid, we just did the same things and he got it aswell. Filled with the Holy Spirit. This guy was 6 and he got such a dose as I prayed for him that he started to sway back and forth and his other came up and asked what I had done to him! Frank explained it to her and I kept moving down the line. Dania came up and stood behind the children I prayed for, not because I told her to, or because she even kne wwhy, she later said she just wanted to hear what was happening and just was CURIOUS. Thank the lOrd she did! The next child was a 5 year old, a teensy girl with pigtails and barefeet in bright pink pijamas, I placed my hnd on her tiny hed and said “Fill, FILL, fill her Jesus………..” I was praying in a normal voice, when I touched her head , I felt POWER go out, for real just like in the Bible and the girl collapsed like a sack of potatoes.Dania caught her. She was the other boy’s sister so praise God, the mother was already aware of what was happening and didn’t freak out!
Remember these people have never SEEN anyone get slain in the Spirit, it was absolutely electrifying the Presence in the room. Every child’s hands were raised, every adult was just almost mesmerized by the Presence and by what they were seeing. I went all the way down the line. Every SINGLE child we laid hands on got filled and spoke in tongues. Two more girls along the way went to the floor.
Dania asked me to pray for her and “get her the Holy Spirit”, her words. She GOT Him. She wept and wept.
It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen or have been a part of. It was like something you would read about happening in a tent revival.
Frank explained the Gift the children hd recieved to everyone together. The mother of 3 children who were ALL Filled asked us to pray for her to recieve the Holy Spirit and she did s well. She cried and cried.
It was so cool………………and we went from this super charged atmosphere to a joyful celebratory feeling of just amazing LOVE for EVERYONE. It was totally supernatural. For about 15 minutes there were NO tribal differences, no judgements, no critisisms……..I cannot put it into words very well, but just say that for a time every single child and adult there were full of JESUS. It was WILD.

I was (and still am) absolutely WIPED out and Frank brought me home, but he took 14 people out to eat tacos! He sys everuone hd a great time. He is just getting home from delivering everyon eback to their homes………………………he is super happy.

I am tired now , but I just wished ya’ll could have been present today. You would have hd such a joyous time!
I feel such a VICTORY took place. I do not know if I’ll ever see some of these babes again………………..they come and go…………… but I HAVE NO DOUBT their lives were totally altered today. And I know our God hs plans for future nd HOPE for them, and that is all I need to know.

And that is good enough for me!

Bless and Glorify the Name of Jesus Our King!!!!!!!!

Sis Deedee

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