Snakes on the Porch

Hey everybody!

First of all I must start out with a big PRAISE JESUS!!!
Yesterday morning I stepped out on to the back stairs to get some eggs for the kitchen’s meal ( a cake actually) and I leaned down to pick up my egg basket only to be BITTEN BY A RATTLESNAKE.
I immediately started to freak out. It was about 3 ft long and hand a grip on my right hand between my thumb and first finger, right in that meaty part of my hand. I slung it back and forth and hollered for Frank who was starting the truck. He didn’t hear me but Aquilino did and came running but when he saw what happened he was just mortified and stood still then started crying. I finally realized nobody was going to be arriving to get the hideous thing off me so I grabbed a machete Frank keeps by the door and whacked it in halves. It still didn’t let go! And I started kind of seeing pinpoints of light and getting ready to pass out. Frank then showed up and pried the snakes jaw off of me. We immediately started praying, and I mean I felt faith rise up in me like a wave because I think I knew that if the Lord didn’t intervene I was gonna be really sick or die. But I recalled how Jesus have us power over scorpions and snakes and started proclaiming that. Frank drug me inside and he sliced the wound and sucked out as much blood as he could and we kept praying.
After about 30 minutes, we were in the truck headed to town to get an anti venom shot. I was feeling cold and sweating and real nauseous. We got to Dr Vasquez’s office and Frank ran in and told them what had happened and that we had the snake in a bag in the truck,…………….THEY HAD NO ANTI VENOM. They called all the hospitals and none was available except one dose in Mexicali.

By then I had calmed down and we were praying with more peace. And i felt okay. Praise Jesus. We did order the anti venom but it would be 3 hours getting here so we knew we had to rely on the Lord.
I am so proud of My King and His Healing Power and Authority……………tonite I am fine, my hand IS sore and swollen, but not discolored and I have the anti venom here in our medicine bag. I never ended up using it.
I am a little weak had a little nausea and dizziness but really no other symptoms. An dit was a great testimony! With Aquilino nd a few other kids seeing it happen word spread thru our area quickly and the indians started bringing me herbs and sticks and “curas” and I have been able to show them the snake pinned to the fence and my wound and tell them how Jesus healed me!
Pretty cool.
Being snake bitten has been a fear of mine over the years and now I’ve overcome it thinks to the Lord’s Power which is the same today as thousands of years ago! Never doubt that!

Love to everyone,
june 040

june 007

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