Sage Advice

I love u. I have been waiting for Sage Advice most of the past week.
I kept looking down the road, is that Sage Advice coming from the
Junior Burger Restaurant??? Oh yes! OH NO. It wasnt’. I kept
looking, “oh there he is , Sage Advice coming up the mud ridden main
road!!!! It’s him , it’s Him!!!””
Alas, it was not. I dove into a box ox of really really stale mexican
Oreo knockoffs (not advisable as all mexican bked sweets taste
strongly of cardboard.) . Sage Advice had eluded me. What to do???
Rant some more……………weep endlessly………..kill myself
upside down??? No, but then I’d puke and be an ugly dead person. But
my slightly unendowed chest would probably look okay. Probably. Still
I found myself hating Zuckerburg and seeking Sage
It rained some more and a Oaxacan baby projectile vomited upon me.
Surely I DID desreve that. A day passed and Sage never showed.
Then my Wise Husband advised me to go to my room and pray in tongues
and nt come back out 1) until my monthly hormonal torment (thanks eve)
was over or 2) til I could just shut up about it.

Wise husband is big and rather convincing when he is faced with my
hormonal issues even in his less than normal state, hence I retired to
do as told. Grudgingly.

Got my travailing over and finished with a really good 20 minutes with Yahweh.

Felt better!!! ha. Then opened my computer to see who???? Who but , my
good eatherly/earthly father, Sage Advice had eveidently spoken with
Yahweh, too and gotten the same answer.

So, hallelujah. I love Henry, Mark and both Fedex and UPS plus my dad,
Sage Advice.

Plus, today I had a great day, Sage A..

It was Clinic Day, but a different one. My friend , sister and doctor
Norma Prado a strong believer in Christ Jesus came to minister with
us. We had about 58 women and twwo men and really uncountable children
come in. 6 walked all the way from Maneadero!! All the way. I can
hardly really still believe that.
The idea today was for Dr Norma to hook us up with some top of the
line “Social security” doctors and nurses and they wer going to teach
about nutrition and prevenative healthcare to the people waiting on
lin eto see our regular doctor.
It turned out to be so amazingly much more. I can see why the enemy
did try to derail me the past days.
Norma has been down on herself and feeling burned out as a Christian
who has faced some of the same stuff we all have, children walking
away from the Will of Yahweh was among her latest cross to bear. One
to suicide the other to an out of wedlock relationship and all the
guilt that comes upon us believers when our kids don’t do what we
think they should.
Before today I could see her fire going out and it was sad as it
always is to see someone just become religious and grow chilly.
But today she showed up and as soon as she saw the people we minister
to on a daily basis, I could see her eyes come to life. She, once a
hard business only lady, single mother who had struggled to the” TOP”
of her profession…………pushing everyone aside who might be on or
in her way………………… she walked the gaunlet up to the
front of the sanctuary that doubles as our dining room /waiting
room/community center , I could see tears in her eyes, yet to water
her cheeks. She an upper class Mexican woman (an dthere is no MIDDLE
class here , just poor and very rich…………………was so
touched to see HER people , the indigenous, the original people from
whom the Spaniards had stolen this land. She was there to talk to the
young and old women about prevention of cancer with a bsis on the Word
of God. But man, as she stood to face this grouo, our little church,
she was BROKEN by what a priviledge it is to minister to them and
really all she could do was pray for them and cry.
I watched her as she mingled among them laying hands on them and
praying in Spanish which they do not speak but Yahweh does and I saw
the FIRE get lit again in her. She attends a huge church, of 1,000 or
more but today I realized again that we are so blessed to have these
few treasures in broken vessels a people with many lnguages but a
simple single hungry heart.
And i wept , too. I realized I have not appreciated these precious
ones as I should have. I have hungered for MORE, for MANY, for a BUNCH
to show up constantly. Today I had to repents and realize that with
what we are given we are blessed to have and only for those are we
capable of caring.
Thanks to Yahweh for breaking my heart thru another broken heart
today. Damn, am I blessed. Sounds weird but that’s what comes out so
I am letting it.

Love and buenas Noches,

PS–Miracle Report-
Early this morning Charlie Dania Junior and me were making cakes and
preparing for the day. On the second cake a BRAND NEW mixer died. Just
up and quit with an ugly burning smell.
The frosting for like 5 sheet cakes unmade. What to DO???
Charlie, my little gangster son……………says oky Dee, lets pray
for it. (Remember he is like still in the street and a baby baby
believer.) And he has this WAY of praying. So I say okay, Charlie
Brown, let’s do it. But u better believe it and I used the minute to
explained “THE LAYING ON OF HANDS 2013.” So he put a hand on it, I put
and hand on it, the mixer. okay, and he commenced …………I kid
you not one iota. “Dear SIR” (he calls the Father sir for some
reason), now in a loud voice, “DEAR SIR OH SIR I DID DROP IT REAL HARD> FORGIVE ME SIR
PLEASE JESUS AND MAKE IT WORK>” By now I am having serious stomach
cramps from not laughing and seriuos faith simultaneously, I mean you
had to hear it- the fear and reverence -of both Frank and Sir Jesus.
I did however hold it together. He finished with a righteous freaking
“AMEN SIR.” Like Yahweh is a marine drill sergeant and we proceeded
to plug that muther in. And it WORKED!!!!!!!!!!! Even with the
ginormous crack I had not yet seen from his obvious dropping of it.
Charlie was one happy, full of faith real person, I tell you. And so
was I. You had to be there!
And the frosting was really really good!
> *omnes amandi.* *All must be loved. *
> * oppressi liberandi, **The oppressed to be liberated, **
> *

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