Possessed of Unfailing Strength

Possessed of Unfailing Strength
Years ago in the Body of Christ all we heard for a while was the debate over if a Christian could be possessed by a demon. Folks were very demon conscious . Every failure and short comings of a Christian was blamed on a devil of some sort. Looking back it seems ridiculous. I do understand there is spiritual warfare. that we do not fight against human forces but powers and rulers of darkness. But many of us fail to see that our warfare is not natural . We are encourage to resist the devil but to do so steadfastly in the faith.
So our resistance is not will power or efforts of our mind or strength of body. It is resisting the enemy in a spiritual or supernatural manner, in faith. Why? Because as the Bible teaches faith is the manner in which we access the spiritual force of grace. Paul the apostle writing to the church at Corinth shared his struggle with demonic powers. A thorn in his flesh an angel sent from Satan. He at that point of his walk with the Lord or in a time of forgetting his reality was reminded or enlightened by the Lord. This statement made by the Spirit of Christ is vastly overlooked many times in the debate over healing or whether Paul was sick. We miss the great life changing revelation of what the Lord said to him in a time of desperation. The Lord said, ” “my grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness.”
I looked up the word sufficient in my Strong’s dictionary. It is translated from a Greek word arkeo meaning possessed of unfailing strength. So we see Grace has the characteristic of being possessed of unfailing strength . Paul was at a point of weakness unable to deal with the enemy . The Lord enlightened him to see that Paul was possessed of grace and that grace possessed unfailing strength. he moved from a state of “this is unfair, life is unfair to I have been given the power of grace to overcome this enemy come against me. As a friend of mine would say he moved from entitlement to empowerment. From God do something to the state of mind and belief that the Lord has done something. He has given us grace . The grace is activated by our faith. Our faith in what Christ has done to open the door to the Throne room of Grace the place of Yahweh’s power. Because of Yahshua’s finished work and His resurrection we have access to the place of grace. Grace that is possessed of unfailing strength. We are people of Grace. People not demon possessed rather possessed of the Creator’s unfailing power .
Many times we are frustrated in our prayers . Our request seemingly go unanswered. Ask the question. Are you asking for something you feel entitled to because of some action on your part. I have said myself or ask the question in my mind. why Lord are you letting this happen to me. I have served you and I have done what you asked. Then I am prompted by the Spirit of Christ to remember. Remember the Yahweh is not withholding from me nor am I deserving or entitled to anything because of my conduct. But because of Yahshua and my trust in Him I have access to His unfailing power His grace. That is enough. Let me assure you both from the word of Yahweh and from experience His grace is sufficient.
Richard Chambliss Jan. 2 2013