Hey everybody,
What an awesome DAY we had today!!! After couple of weeks dealing with death and devastation, literally, today Yahweh bounced us back with such true VICTORY! I haven’t been this excited about a church Meeting for years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yesterday we had Senaidas body shipped back to OXA. after two days of the family sitting with her in the building. It was sad but also victorious because in those 2 days 9 people came to recognize/confess Christ as their King Eternal. Okay that was good!
Today, honest I DID NOT want to have church Meeting or even arise from bed. I literally DID NOT WANT TO GO!!!! Frank however got up and stated picking up people at different camps. He called me at quarter to 9am, and said okay I am coming to get you guys. (Dania, Junior and I had stayed home to sleep like an extra 20 minutes)……………I was grumpy and grouchy. Just didn’t want to GO. I felt “Man I have been up like 34 hours in a row and had my spirit sucked out and I NEEDED TO REST.
But, really, Holy Spirit prompted me and said “Hey, what kind of example are you for Dania , if you don’t have a Meeting??” So okay in 10 minutes i applied my mask and uniform and was sitting out on the stairs awaiting Frank. Still grouched out though.
Frank had already dropped off 2 truckloads at the building and had told me BUT I HAD NO IDEA how many were in each load. When we arrived we had around 57 people, and people were also walking up the dirt road. I got less grumpy.
We set up the sound and prayed and started worshipping. Holy Spirit’s anointing filled the building within 2 songs. Rowdy dance songs…….more women and all children got up and danced and I had made these swirly ribbon things for the kids, so Dania handed them out, but then the grown women started grabbing them and it was a literal CELEBRATION before Yahweh!!!!!!!!!! Everybody was dancing. It was so beautiful to see these people at last break free and hold their hands up and boogie around (I kid you not) and salsa before Him.
Three songs into it I heard chairs being moved and turned around and 15 more people were there. 7 were MEN. You know how rarely we can minister to the men because they work 80-90 hour weeks. But there they were. Having worked already half a day and then WALKED about 2 miles to get there. Also an indigenous man that had just been released after 7 years in prison for taking guns to the guerillas in OXA was present! His first day out of the hell that is prison here!
We have so many adults that me and Dania took the children outside and she taught them a cool song about being a soldier in Yahweh’s Army. It included choreography and was way beyond my means! I didn’t even think the kids would get it, so I went back inside.
So after Frank taught again on the Second Great Commandment, we called the children back in. Dania told us they had something to do for Yahweh’s Glory and I’ll be darned if I was not FLOORED. Some 38 kids age 1-10 perfectly acted out this really great song. The parents were SO PROUD and happy to see THEIR children who aren’t even accepted in school, in front of the congregation of three distinct tribes, worshipping Jesus in such an orderly wildly professional manner.
Lots of moms cried AND smiled. Some LAUGHED, which these folks RARELY do.
After that Frank asked for some more dance songs and the WHOLE congregation got up and went wild.
Then Frank asked Dania to sing a slow quiet song and he invited people up for prayer for whatever reason, Resurrection Life, healing, prosperity………………….23 people came up. 7 prayer the Prayer asking Jesus to Reign in their hearts forever and their names WERE written in the Book of Life! 5 were men! Whoa……………this is a big deal. If the head of the house follows , well, we pretty much have the house in my opinion!
At one point I saw a golden foggy substance that I have on rare occasion seen before usually during intense prayer………………ters started coming as we ministered to all who came up. The last lady was a Trique with a 1 month old baby girl………………..she wanted to present baby girl to Yahweh and for Yahweh to name the baby……….
Everyone got really quiet……………..could Yahweh come up with a name??? I even was rcking my brain “what do we name here?” I mean a NAME is very important, no?
So Frank and I took the baby in our hnds a lifted the tiny baby up and presented her dedicating her life to Yahweh in Yeshua’s Name……..I prayed in tongues and just as we handed the child back to the mama, the Lord told me , “She is Victoria Nikea, she is more than Victoria (which means victory in Spanish) and she will embody the Work I have started here.” So I then took the microphone and to a totally rapt people said that. We anointed her with oil and I explained to the mama that her name is Victoria. I believe you Pastor Richard prophesied years ago about the angel called Nike standing behind Frank. In Spanish Nike is pronounced Nekeya, it is really a pretty name.
What a privilege! I was about to fall out, but nope not yet as I turned to see Dania holding Junior and asking us to present him to Yahweh, and so it was done and it was awesome.
Everyone prayed for and ministered to, they started to help clean and pick up the chairs!! (Never done. Not here) It was as if today the people of God took ownership of their grand adopted and loved status and children of a King, the King of all Kings.
It was AMAZING…………………………a total victory and a reminder that when you LEAST want to get up and go to Meeting, well, you might ought to go!
It was a day to beat back all the bad that has tried to overcome but cannot. A day where I once again need to thank all of you who support us from afar and make this Work possible……………..thank you Yahweh and thank you to all of our partners and friends! We love you all………… Jesus’ Name,
Pastors Frank and Detra
Baja CA. Mexico

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