Baja Report

Greetings Familia—

Francisco and I woke up at about 4am just practically dying from stomach pains, nausea and every evil symptom that accompanies a good dose of botulism or something equally nasty. It was awful.
We felt no better by 8:3o which is half our before service time for us. We really felt so bad that we planned on taking everybody to the building and just having Marcial do the service…..
But by 9, there was a group of about 25 Trique and a few Mixtecos standing in the yard each carrying an offering of chiles, or cucumbers, tomatoes, lemons and even Cokes-all enthusiastically expecting church with us. When Francisco told them the plan they were all so crestfallen.
We dragged outselves on over to the building still planning on just opening with prayer for Marcial………
But Holy Spirit took over. Pastor Francisco ( I differentiate here, because when he takes on that mantle he truly is a different person in a powerful way.) anyway, he prayed and then he asked everyone who we were there to worship- they all cried out “Jesucristo” (Jesus). He then asked who the Father of Jesucristo and of all of us is- with one beautiful voice they cried out “Yahweh- Dios el Padre” (yahweh-God the Father) He asked them what else Yahweh is called and they hollered “El Gran Yo Soy” (The Great I Am.) It just sounds so wild with all of these different voices different accents crying out boldly, it is hard to describe but different than anything I’ve experienced anywhere else. There is no music to cover it and somehow it sounds so pure.
At about that point I began to feel a vibration that started at the soles of my feet and rushed right up my spine to the top of my head! As the power coursed thru my back it wiped away the sick and the nausea.
Then he asked for Ernesto (10 year old) to stand up front and say THANK YOU Yahweh in trique dialect–“Kuenii-yuii-a Yahweh” he said along with everyone else. The Francisco told everyone to begin to thank Yahweh each in his own tongue and we all did. In English , in Spanish in Mixteco and in Trique we cried out thanks to the Great I Am.
It went on for about 15 minutes. During that time the feeling of what I can only call a “waiting power” the tremendous force of the Living God, just moved heavily through the little building, at times I felt as if I was almost lifted up upon the sheer Presence of God. It was awe inspiring almost to the point of being scary in its reality. During that time I had an experience hard to describe, not quite a vision but certainly not not a vision I saw these tremendous gold feet and legs seated upon a tremendous , gorgeous white throne and had the IMPRESSION (not the actual sight just a powerful IMPRESSION) of THE FACE OF GOD TILTED TOWARD OUR CHURCH AND SMILING GREATLY. He was so HAPPY. It made me weep to think that somehow someway ( by being a part of this church He was watching)I had caused the God of the Universe to be HAPPY! But, no doubt at all, He was happy. (Can you wrap your mind around that?? I know it kind of flys in the face of what is generally
thought abut the mood of the Father!)
At that point I became pretty much intoxicated and still feel very much out of it in a very good way!! But yes, out of it.
I also came away with the very distinct knowledge that the Lord is building this Church, His church just the way He wants it done. We only need be obedient and basically just continue to show up! No extreme planning or ideas on our part are necessary! It sounds crazy, I know but I know that I know. And let me tell you, it is pretty far removed from what idea I have always had as “being Church.” The order is different every time and my religious ideas are constantly being challenged. For Frank it is easier I think, because he has not ever really been “churched” he doesn’t fight the same ideals about what is or isn’t church so he can just go with the Flow of Holy Spirit without a thought where as I find myself really battling at times not to say, “But Frank, the order is wrong” or “Shouldn’t we do this or that first.” It’s a real challenge in submission as a wife and a sister that I am facing but the end results are so awesome thus far.
Health wise I am glad to report we are now feeling great.
We’ve kept ya’ll in prayer and will continue to do so. We wish you were here to rejoice with us in the building of this House!! It’s been a really great day, UR……………miss you all-
sd and pf

ps-just as I was finishing this we had another huge aftershock. This time more of a very deep rumbling under the house. the dogs statred ging nuts right before it started. really freaky that………

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