Baja Report May

Greetings Beloved Ones………

Here I am really rejoicing in a lovely spring evening, really reflecting upon the goodness of the Lord. It is nice and warm out and I’ve opened all of the windows, the smell od the gladiolas blooming down below the house is just overwhelming. From the balcony during the day you can see huge squares of white, pink and purple where the flower crops are just about ready for harvest, so pretty.
I’m still unwinding after a very long but very fruitful day Today was the day we hold our monthly medical clinic at the church and I am so happy with how it all worked out. Francisco and I had decided not to do any special announcements to let folks know about this months clinic. We just wanted to get a read one who exactly would come out of absolute need and not maybe just to eat lunch or whatever other extraneous reasons. We still had grand attendance, with the doctor treating 36 patients all together. We had three well baby check ups, three tiny ones from ages 3 days to just 10 days old. That was so neat-having these indian mothers bring the babies and literally put them in our hands to be weighed and looked over and blessed! They were all in outstanding health, praise God. Today we did something new though. The doctor , nurse and I prayed over each of the babies together – I was pleased that it was the young doctor who actually came out and got me
to pray with them. We gave away scads of adult and children’s vitamins and lots of oral rehydration salts (like Pedialyte) as the heat has begun and most of our people are working in brutal conditions in the greenhouses now.
The doctor and I sat down and kind of went over our vision for the clinic. Our goal is not so much promoting Western health care as we are concerned with teaching preventative care; ie, the importance of a clean water supply, handwashing, importance of breastfeeding, dental hygiene. Really basic things that are just not taught to the segment of the population that we minister to. We also aim to serve as a filter that might catch health issues such as congenital birth defects, vision and hearing problems etc. Things that would normally be caught in the schools or in routine checkups and addressed, but situations that in this people group go unattended due to isolation and poverty level. Prenatal care with provision of vitamins and folic acid is paramount as well. The sum of it is that we agreed to offer a high level of service to those minister to as an expression of the Kingdom of God and the love of Jesus ! We agreed to always pray first believing
that the resurrection power of God has entered into those whom we pray for whether we FEEL it or not and that we will continue to proclaim that power of God until the healings are manifested! I am so happy that this young doctor seemed to grasp what I was saying and that she was actually very excited at this prospect. I really am grateful again for your recent visit, UR and all of the revelation on resurrection power that came out of all of that good teaching you blessed us with.! It was so rich!
The doctor also informed me that she had spoken with the General Hospital Administrator in Ensenada, whome we have been dealing with while trying to get little Mario’s eyes attended to and the Administrator gave her a very good report of her dealings with this ministry. The doctor stated that the feeling is that right now we have great favor with the medical community and that the “doors are wide open for us.” Again, an example of pushing the kingdom of God right into what people call the “secular” world! This is nice because it makes things so much easier if we run into another individual who is in need of urgent surgical intervention.
As for Mario, to me his right eye looks clearer since you laid hands on him and we are being faithful to daily proclaim that the Resurrection Power is working in him to effect a total manifestation of healing, in Jesus Name.

So, all in all it was a great day. I think it is important that we sit down and take time to refresh our vision out loud frequently, it somehow just boosts our faith and commitment to obedience, too.
We arrived home today to find that Ernesto and Aquilino had planted Nasturtium vines all around the house! (I had mentioned in their presence 2 days ago how pretty the vines were in a bunch of wildflowers Ernesto gave me and they took it upon themselves to get to planting! Now these are 2 boys ages 8 and 11 and they had to walk 1 1/2 miles in the heat to procure these darn vines. This is just not what you call normal “boy” behaviour. I am becoming totally convinced that these kids gratitude and generous spirit is coming as a result of watching the Jesus movie EVERY day in their dialect for the last 6 months. I think that the Gospel has actually taken root in them and is manifesting outwardly (true sanctification??) now. There is no other explanation.
Their gratitude moves me to want to bless them so heartily and just being around them daily is giving me so much more revelation of the Lords love for us and how our gratitude or lack of it must effect Him!!
I have news from Brother Shebly as well. After praying through his dilemma of whether or not to return to the oncologist to complete chemotherapy after he was given a vision confirming his healing of prostate cancer I am so happy to report- he has cancelled all further chemotherapy treatments and has decided NOT to return to any further doctors’ appointments with regards to the cancer that he was healed from. Praise Jesus! Over the phone, they both rejoiced in his healing and reported that they are remaining very careful to surround themselves with believers of like faith. They sounded great and I believe this is an awesome victory an answer to many prayers.

We hope this finds all of you abundantly blessed and walking in FAITH to victory. Know that yu are on our hearts and in our prayers!

Sis Deedee

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