Baja Report March

Dearest Uncle Richard Aunt Pam and the Church,

Greetings and blessings in the Name of Jesus to you all. It has been a very very busy week for me here and I am literally so tired physically that my legs are throbbing and I have pretty much done ALL I can do until I get some rest!
BUT, I wanted to share with ya’ll a couple of great things that occurred in the last three days or so………and just couldn’t go to bed without writing first.
The doctors from Idaho , the Olsens, were in town on Friday to observe first hand the medical clinic that we started together about 1 year ago. It went very well and we had quite a few patients. In fact the waiting room was standing room only when suddenly abut 7 huge Mercedes vans pulled up to the church. Out of the vans poured about 40 Ukrainian Christians from Portland Oregon and Vancouver British Columbia. We were very surprised as we had never met nor heard of these wonderful spirit filled people! Evidently, they had pulled into Ensenada from a tour of Southern Mexico and asked a local pastor where the could go to be a blessing to lots of children. Well, that pastor gave them our location and they were on their way.
They came in, and prayed for us in Ukrainian and in the Spirit and the anointing was awesome!. Then they started unloading all manner of huge bags of clothing, buckets of trail mIx, flour, Gatorade, water, protein bars , candy, popcorn you name it! It literally filled one quarter if the church building. They told us to do with it what we thought was best. They also prayed for me and Frank and pulling us to the side handed us a couple of huge black bags, “just for us” they said. Then they left. We fed lunch to approx. 130 people after the clinic was over and then went home with our bags.
Praise Jesus!
Saturday we were invited by the Olsen’s to a lovely dinner overlooking the ocean at Punta Morro Resort-a magnificent view. We met with them and had a nice time and discussed how we could improve the clinic and it was a blessing.
Now this morning, the first Sunday of Holy Week in Mexico-we had over 120 people attend our church meeting!! It was AMAZING! They could barely fit in the building and I am still in shock at this huge crowd that we were blessed with. They were ALL Indians from 3 different tribes. The best part of the meeting though was hearing all of our regular church members mostly children singing the worship songs and participating in the meeting! While the new people were so quiet, our members really stood out as a great example!
With the attendance so high we felt it was the best time to just go on and give away all of the material blessing that we had received on Friday and EVERYONE went away with really nice clothing and food for the coming week! It is so much fun to give……….
We didn’t get done today until about 5:30 and boy was I glad to get home.
Now after I showered I finally had a chance to look at the two bags that were given to Frank and I and what I found blew my mind. Inside, were lovely clothes that exactly fit us-EXACTLY. All from Nordstrom’s and Macy’s- really nice almost new stuff. The crazy thing is that the items were things that we really lacked and needed but money has been tight lately and we have not had anything extra to buy anything personal. You know it has been a real walk of faith just to keep the ministry going this year so far and that buying stuff likes socks and jackets are far out of the realm of possibility! In one bag were 5 brand new bath towels! And I have been thinking about You and Ap coming and feeling embarrassed cause our only two towels are pretty grungy looking! But look how the Lord knows just what we need and the desires of our hearts eve and He loves us and will cause people we do not even know to bring those blessings to us! Sometimes when money gets tight
I’ll catch myself thinking, “Well, maybe we are doing the wrong thing and if we were in God’s will this wouldn’t be happening etc” BUT then Yahweh Yireh just shows up in a way that it is so evident to ME that He loves us and cares for us and WILL NOT LET US DOWN cause He is FAITHFUL!!!!!
So, I am just really thanking the Lord tonight and wanted to share this with you as encouragement that YES He is ever Faithful if we will just HOLD ON!



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