August Report

How are ya’ll? The “devil winds” are in town again, the Santa Anas that is-those hot dry winds that wreak havoc in these parts every year at this time. The range of mountains behind us (not the first ones behind the house and church building but the second big row behind) are burning tonite so we are taking turns watching. The balcony actually has a light layer of gray ashes covering it and the air stinks of burning. and you can actually feel the heat coming from over the hill. The fire is not TOO close but it is not TOO far either about the same as it was the time it tried to devour us last time-2 years ago?? So yes we are watching because it can happen so fast. Frank wet down around the house as much as he could before dark for what it is worth and praise Yahweh he and Chrlie and <Marcial were working on the fireline on Wednesday just because its that time of year. But in the end as always it will be the Lord that keeps us and although it is wise to watch I am TRUSTING in HIM.
Frank has been working on getting phase two of the classroom project done all week-the walls and columns-he is doing it in block this time so it will be equal to the existing arquitecture on the school grounds. When the principal returned from her summer vacation and saw all of the work done so far on this classroom she literally broke down in tears and thanked God. (remember she is not yet a Christian) She did not expect it to happen so rapidly and is so happy that soon they will not have to teach on egrade in that old school bus they ahve been using which is HOT in the summer and wet and cold in the winter. I think it is an awesome testimony again of the Kingdom of our Lord.
We have set out sights on really fixing up the playground area here at the mission. We've painted the slide and swings red, yellow and green and they look really cool. The wet paint seemd to send a special inviation to children from all around and we finally had to post Charlie down there for the duration of it's drying time as obviously a sign would not work with our "special" kids…….still, Charlie has a short attention span and many an indian child went home with striped booties that afternoon. But anyhow, I am seeking building instruction sfor a seesaw and a wooden type jungle gym to build and at the same time appealing to folks we have known up north who might have old equipment to donate. Since so many children use the existing playground area as skimpy as it is we really think it would be worthwhile to make a little "park" down there. I mean we have the property available to make it really nice. We are going to start by faith as we usually do working with what we have….in this case (as it was also when we started the house) we have access to lots of rocks. So we will delineate the area with painted rocks and do some landscaping. I believe it will be a real blessing. i mean this is the only area like a "park" that the kids ever come in contact with and they use it a lot.
If in your internet perusal you run into anything pertinent please fwd it.
It has been so warm here and with no electricity there are no fans at night, so we've been sleeping on the balcony. Oh, BURD and AP-wish you were here to do this. The stars last night were so amazing . I saw half dozen falling stars and EVERY constellation, it was so cool. literally too. Had my heart set on it tonite but the ashes are nixing that plan….Anyway, you guys must try it, it is much fun.

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