Hey. Yesterday was a great day in the Lord. I went over to the building a little early to get in some personal worship time. BUT, as is usually the case , when people see us going over they go as well, never heeding the actual hour. So, honestly, I was feeling a little selfish and aggravated that I was not going to get that worship time alone, just me and Yahweh. I set up the sound and by the time I had finished most of the chairs were full. There were 4 or 5 ladies with babies ( great I thought, they (the babies) will probably cry the whole time.) And there were about 25 small children, most under 7. I turned on the music and began to just pray in tongues a bit and got very convicted of my selfishness and my religiousness. I turned to see most of the children just quietly sitting and hearing the music. One little guy was restless though and kicking his grandma! I beckoning to him and offered a microphone. Of course heran up and snatched the microphone and I asked him if he wanted to sing. Then I put a very simple song on and started teaching HIM line by line…… It went like this….. Yo vengo al lugar mas santo (I come to the holiest place) Atravez del Cordero de Dios (Through the blood of the Lamb of God) Yo vengo solo a honrar (I come only to honor) El gran Yo Soy (The Great I AM) Dios te adoro a ti (God I worship you) Pues solo To eres Santo (For only you are Holy) Line by line we went over and over, after two times thru I looked up to se that everyone was so attentive and EVERYONE was following. The women as well. We went thru the song 4 times more and the presence came and some were lost in it and all were at peace in it overwhelmed by it to the smallest infant each one , mexican, Trique and MIxteco all alike………it was awesome and I declare it was the beginning of a new thing and I believe we will begin to see the Power of Yahweh manifested in these people, because that is what I saw yesterday. I saw walls coming down, prejudices broken and as a testament afterward the Triques were actually mingling with the Mixteco and this is something that I have not seen…… Now, something else has been on my heart all day and I just had not gotten around to sitting down to write it till now. But I want you to know how much you all’s financial generosity affects my life. Of course it provides for the work that goes on here but also it blesses me, us with a quality of life we otherwise would not have. I/we are so blessed because of your generous spirit and I just want you to know that I thank God for that and am aware of that all of the time. It is a good thing to be able to be such a blessing in so many people’s lives and I thank you all and I strive to be like that because I respect it in you. Much love and Blessings, detra


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