July Baja Report

Yesterday was my Ladies Bible Class. I had seven Triqui women show up.One lady just arrived here from Guerrerro, she is in her early 60’s and has 7 small boys aged around 3 to 10!! They arrived about 12:30, here at the mission. (I get done cooking lunch by 10am now and yesterday I let the men serve the meal Thank you to my husband!) I had cleaned out my closets this week and I started with them by handing out all of my dresses that I don’t wear anymore. (My “holiness” wear haha). I have just decided that the Lord MUST want me to be comfortable and happy and He knows how UNCOMFORTABLE I have been in those darn long black skirts and long sleeved blouses. The way that religious people dress here is a real hang up and a barrier to people who do not already own the “appropriate attire” for church -After griping about it for years ,I finally am drawing the line and will no longer participate in a manner of dress that really promotes religious pride that
has nothing to do will the Lord or His Will.
But anyway, the Indians wear long skirts over pants to work the fields in and they were thrilled to get my stuff and for them it has zip to do with church. I had a really good translator yesterday and that made it a blessing. We gathered round down under the balcony in the shade and had a really great time of fellowship!! I love being surrounded by these people as it is like entering another world. They are so humble and I am learning that they rush to do nothing. Time spent with family and friends is valuable to them and they treasure that time and try to draw it out. I am alo learning that just being with them is important somehow. I no longer worry about having “enough to say, ‘ because silence is just fine with them.It i not the words but the sentiment and the mere fact that you are willing to spend your time with them that speaks and is building a bridge. By around 2:30, most all of the women had actually stretched out on their rebozos right in the dirt. One was breastfeeding and the two oldest women were sleeping, while I intermittently snapped beans and talked with the younger women. The children as well had found shade down by the swings and were sacking out one by one. I talked about some of the awesome stuff I have seen the Lord do and also about His Provision. Later I laid hands on the new ladies ankles and asked the Lord to strangthened them “as deer’s feet.” She has been having a lot of pain in them. They respected the laying on of hands and were so reverent as I prayed. Finally, around 4 I excused myself upstairs, but they hung around until 6pm and finally one by one headed home with babies strapped to their backs and water on their heads. It is the first Bible Study I have ever attended where sleeping is actually encouraged., haha. But really, I have to say I was so excited by th ewhole thing by everything that happened and by my growing relationship with these children of Yahweh that it took me hours to get wound down, to be able to relax………I pray that they will experience the love of Jesus through me, that the Lord will manifest in me somehow so that they might REALLY know Him like I do as my Providor, my Healer, my Protection, My King My everything………….if only they can see how He really is, that is my dream. Not for some religious experience like we know it some fleeting thing that we know briefly and spend he rest of our lives trying to attain again just for a moment……no………let them REALLY KNOW JESUS. Please join me in my prayer that this happens for them.
I have got the next Clinic rescheduled for the 21st, Doctora Jeannette finally got back to me to confirm that she can make it that day.
Not one single person showed up for to see a doctor on last Friday, so I am convinced we made the appropriate decision in rescheduling. There have just been so very many outside activities going on this month! However, per past experience, as summer wanes, so to do visits from a rushing stream to a trickle by Labor Day and after Labor Day it is back to normal and time for those of us who live here to pick up the slack. I am really just glad we were able to pull this off in advance this time and am praising the Lord for keeping my ears open to what is going on.
Frank went over to pick up the MCCA food delivery across town today and I stayed here. Now that ALL vehicles are supposed to be searched for contraband upon ENTRANCE TO MEXICO (this is a first, in the past it was very very rare to catch a customs red light coming South, in fact I have NEVER had it happen) it is just as time consuming to come down here as it is to re-enter the USA. I guess in fact they are actually searching every third vehicle as of today. Usually MCCA trucks are here and unloaded by 1pm whereas today Frank says they did not even start rolling in until 4pm, a result of a 3 hour border wait. This will really affect those who depend heavily upon support from the local San Diego/So-Cal area as only the fanatically faithful will be willing to endure the wait coming and going in my experience. I praise God that our supporters ARE actually “fanatically faithful” anyway and all the way from Mississippi …..
The weather remains warm for us and I spent all day again dispensing drinking water to the Triqui and few Mixtecos who come to the mission home to get their drinking water. They started walking up here at around 7am and the least child lugged a clorox container filled with water at just about 8pm as the sun dropped into the Pacific in red splendor. The children come barefooted and sweating -each one the youngest to oldest with some kind of receptacle plastic soda liter bottles, milk cartons, you name it. They stop first distracted by the swings and they’ll set their containers down by the little acacia tree. Their laughter brings me much joy and I realize that this place is as close to a park as some may ever get while they are still young enough to swing and slide. I would really like to add more playground stuff and do some landscaping to make it more park-like and that goes right along with our plan to focus on the mission property from now until we can get it finished.
May the Lord bless the branch of the Lyon’s Club who donated this equipment years ago. I promised them then that I would make sure that children would get good use of it and they have, praise God. (It came out of a Redding, CA. park which was remodeling to meet the new playground codes and a group of young men who were here recuperating from heroin addiction donated their sweat and labor putting it together and getting it well installed. Those boys are long gone their seperate ways now, but their fruit lives on. I pray they are all okay and hope that they remain free of the bondage that brought them to our door.) So they play and play hard and then suddenly some interior alarm rings and they will regroup regather their bottles and make towards the big water dispenser, usually hollering, “Hermanaaaaa, AGUA, POR FAVORRRR!” For some thos eare the only 3 words they know in Spanish. They are so cute,(but I have to catch myself from getting bugged because there are so darn many of them and it just goes on and on…). Especially the tiny ones. Do you realize how HEAVY a gallon of water is for an 18 month old child? Who must walk a good 3/4 mile over a rough dirt road? The tiny ones will have to stop and rest many times before they make it home. I watch them til they reach their housing area because I still can’t get over turning a baby loose like that and it wracks my nerves because our neighbor has started digging a septic tank down below us so there exist this huge gaping black hole. This day, one little boy, new to the area, pulled some coins from his pocket as the water neared full. How much? he asked me. I explained that it was Jesus Our King who provides the water here and he listened with eyes round as dinner plates.He was doubtful until I actually pushed his little hand full of sweaty coins back into his pocket.
I really love to tell people this and see their reactions. To me this part of the ministry is so important because water is so vital to our survival` every day for every one and it just shows people that Our Lord and King is real and that He is truly interested in our welfare!
All told, today 56 people came for drinkng water! This week we went through two containers of 250 gallons. Praise the Lord.
I am happy to relay that some of the parents are planning to do a car wash somewhere in town to raise funds to help with getting our school bus ready for the upcoming year. It starts August 24th. Don’t know how much they could raise but every little bit will help. It needs a tune up at least. Then alos , our car has experienced a major issue. The air suspension stoppe dworking Thursday and it is riding so low that it belongs in East LA. We borrowed a truck to pick up food today, waiting to hear from the mechanic about the Expedition. Hopefully, it won’t be too bad. We did get the generator out for $2500 pesos…..turned out they had to totally replace whatever it is that is made of a lot of copper wire all coiled up and it took some serious hours of labor. It is back in service though now and we are rotating it with the Suburu which we had rebuilt, 4 hours at a time to give them a little break. I am hoping that they will last until electricity comes in which is a very realistic possibility as we get more and more neighbors. The Ejido(municipal) grader came in and graded our road for the very first tim in like NINE YEARS sowe are seeing some progress here.
Well I guess that is it for me. Have an awesome Sunday and love to everyone there,

Many Blessings,
sis detra

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