57 and Counting

meseaI just celebrated my 57th birthday. I have been thinking on the connotations of the number. I have realized 50 is the number of jubilee or liberty and freedom. Seven the number of completion. I felt I heard the Lord say to me this 57th year will be a year of the completion of my liberty . He spoke to me at the first of the year that this would be the year of discovering true identity . If the people of this planet need anything we need to find our true identity. We need some reality in our lives. The church seems to have only added to our confusion. Telling us that we are our doings instead of our beings.
I feel a call to speak present day reality to people. I hear a lot of people speaking what is going to happen but I know what has happened and is will affect our future more than guessing about what is to come. I know that if I walk in the light of His reality now, the future is a guaranteed secure place for me.
I don’t know about you. I can teach you, encourage you to believe but I can’t guarantee your security. Not a very good advertisement in this day of guarantees of total success. All I can do as a teacher and a spiritual navigator is point the way and give reality based instruction. You must take the knowledge of the truth (reality) and walk in it. The Lord showed me that our greatest threat in these days is not global warming, terrorism global unrest, war, famine ad nauseam. Our biggest threat is the onslaught of false reality bombarding our senses which in turn is creating fear in our hearts. Paul said we walk by faith and not by sight. The opposite of faith is not fear but walking by sight or conducting our lives limited only to knowledge gathered from the world by our senses. Experiences build an ego or carnal mind that is at enmity with God’s Reality. The ego is limited to only what it knows from experience. This is not necessarily reality. We cannot limit ourselves to this ignoring what Jesus came to give us. The Promise of the restoration of of the Presence of God’s Own Holy Spirit in us . It is Christ in you that is your hope of Glory, I heard a prophet describe Glory as a higher existence. Because Christ is in me I have a hope or confident expectation of a higher existence the one I am currently in.  I am not talking about going to heaven when I pass from this earth but experiencing the higher existence of fellowship with my Creator and Sustainer. This is a present day reality. The people of the earth need to know that this is real now. Knowing this will change their earth. I hear a lot about shaking. I would like to shake them and say wake up to what is real now. Awake to your righteousness and quit missing it.
We are not in the end of time or the end of the world. Jesus completed the work for us to have glory. We are living in the times of completion not the destruction of the earth. World without end Amen.


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