Hope this finds you all continuing to give thanks for the many many blessings that our Lord Jesus purchased for us …
It is very cool here today and I am anxious to get wrapped up in a blanket and start on a new book as part of getting recharged for the new week to come but wanted to share this with you right away.
The Lord is moving in a mighty way, in many mighty ways really. You can feel it in the air and it is exciting. Wish you were here with us to experience all of what is happening in Mexico.
This morning , after worship and as Pastor Frank was starting to teach, Hermana Felipa arrived in the sanctuary, you might remember her from the videos in particular one where she recieved a winter coat…she ‘ s the one who dreamed of her conversion BEFORE she was converted, eliminating the need for translation to her obscure mother tongue. Anyway, she came in late and walked up the middle aisle and placed a grocery bag at my feet. I did not open it until after service . Inside the bag were a couple of dozen tomatoes , a Coca Cola and two bottled orange juices.  This was our sister’s offering and it truly touched our hearts.  You see, Felipa, although in her mid 70’s has been working extra hard of late, harvesting tomatoes and tying back the vines. They say it is THE HARDEST of all filed work around these parts and she has been having to work even on Sundays the last 2 weeks. She works from about 4am when she walks about a mile to meet the company transport ( a big flatbed where about 70 workers ride standing up pressed like cattle for another 45 minutes.) She will board the same truck home at around 5pm. Then she’ll trek that mile in the dark and have to get a fire going to heat up some beans and possibly tortillas. She shares one cold 10 by 8ft cinderblock room with her daughters and their husbands and their many children. The room has no electricity, plumbing or running water. They sleep on the concrete floor side by side upon blankets to make it softer. Her work days are from 12 to 14 hours long and for that time she will be paid $50.00 pesos or about $4.60 US. This morning she walked over a mile in the cold air to get to service with her granbaby strapped upon her back carrying her offering. The soda and juices cost about a dollar and eighty cents………… Almost half of what she earns in a days hard work. I was so taken aback by the generous offering, from a woman just converted a couple of months ago. Immediately the account of the widow’s mite was borne in my heart. She hasn’t heard much teaching on giving from us thus far, but in her heart she KNOWS, in her heart she is GRATEFUL and that gratitude overflows in her. Oh, and she’s a widow. I believe I got a firsthand eye witness version of the Gospel in motion today and we fervently pray the Lord’s immense blessings upon such a faithful woman that He will give her the strength of an eagle and make her aftrenoon restful and rejuvenating! And for those of us who are struggling today, with whatever might be the problem, Felipa should be our example and our standard. If she can do it we certainly can in CHRIST. I for one, will drink my Coke very slowly today appreciating it to the very last drop.
PF says he loves you BURD and that he misses you as well………


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