Pastor Francisco Arriaga Avila
Harvest of Faith Mission
Pastor Richard Chambliss
Harvest of Faith Ministries;

I direct this letter to thank you for your interest in constructing a class room for the Luis Mercado Solis Elementary School, clave 02EPR0471K in zone 039 located in Las Brechas del Mirador, Maneadero Baja California Norte, Mexico.

As of the writing of this letter our school does not have a class room for the first grade for the coming school year, 2009/10 which starts on August 24.

Fortunately, as promoters of change in this Colonia where the school is located we are seeing more and more children enrolled in school each year although there still exist many parents who do NOT send their children to school at all. So day in and day out , we battle to see that things change and that no child is left without an elementary education at least. Our dream is that every child receive that elemenatry education which consists of garde 1 through grade 6.

One of our biggest challenges is that we are not considered by our government to be a “complete” school until we have six class rooms, a school library and an address. Until we have those things we do not qualify for the government support which would give us the services of a physical education teacher, a psychologist,social workers, vocational programs and assessment, among many many other benifits for these students who make up some of the most economically marginized in our area. Being counted as a “complete school”, approved for the appropriate government support provided by the Secretary of education of Mexico, would give these children a much different future allowing them to stand on at least the equivelent educational ground as every other student in this state, regardless of their economic status.

I believe that education can only enrich these children’s futures. I thank you on behalf of the children, their parents and the teachers who all possess the conviction that these children can grow up to be citizens with great abilities, knowledge,values and principles capable of contributing with excellence to a society which is constantly changiing.

I also felt it was important in writing this letter to express my gratitude to you and your congregation for your commitment to service to this community and all of the work that you and all involved in your church have done thus far to further these children’s education and for the betterment of this community. I want to say thank you on behalf of all involved for fulfilling every promise you have made to us with never expecting anything in return. Thank you for providing the drinking water and the utility water for this school in a timely manner every month and thank you for cleaning up the schoolyard, for painting, for building us an incinerator for trash, for installing fans in the classrooms and for our windows as well.

Since their are no recreational facilities in this growing community, which means that the children have little to do physically, we especially thank you for cleaning and clearing the futbol(soccer) field and for the manufacture and installation of the futbol goals. This will help these children in so very many ways,

Many groups and people have expressed a desire to help us with the continuing developement of this new school but only you have caused your words and promises to be come a reality, again thank you.


Jesus Yesenia Heredia Armenta
School Principal
Luis Mercado Solis Elementary School

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