We had an AMAZING day yesterday! For the 2nd week in a row, we have had 25 adults come up for Meeting. Everyone from last week returned, praise Jesus. Frank taught on tithing and it was really good. Now I have an announcement to make-
“Due to the continued GOODNESS of YAHWEH………
WE HAVE TOO MUCH FOOD(staples!)……………. ……….- Seriously. We somehow got  a double portion of staples last week.
So, after meeting we set up an assembly line of women and children of the Church to package the items that we have an abundance of-flour.Rice.beans,oatmeal, consomme,pancake mix, and white sugar.
In a quick 2 hours we had  60 really generous grocery Basic packages. Praise God these were over and above the 44 that were already given to the Church and neighbors.  The air was heavy with flour and the toddlers had white flour masks which were pretty funny.
Once done, we loaded it all up, along with Juanita, Rufina&Hilaria, who wanted to go and we set out to some of the more rural labor camps.
It was such a great time to hunt down people to bless. It makes me so happy to be able to do this!! It makes me wonder just how very much Yahweh must enjoy blessing us…….

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