Baja Mission

Hope all is going well up there. I We are at long last getting into this New Season. That is how we have come to accept this time, looking at every day as a new opportunity for Yahweh to manifest His Glory.
The other day when I got word that y’all had sent money, it was a surprise. A much needed surprise.
We had this gigantic donation of boxes meals that are normally given out to victims of natural disasters by FEMA .
We are feeding about 20 children a day …3 days a week right now and I have learned how to make them (the FEMA meals) a bit more palatable. Things were so challenging last week that Frank and me have been ecosting on  these boxed meals also.
Josiahs ,the 5 yr old , is one of the children who is here EVERY DAY without fail. There is no way you can NOT FEED this little guy(Or the other ones who show up.)
So, Wednesday Josiahs had eaten his (and most everybody’s) least favorite box meal which is a nasty preformed mystery meet patty drowned in a bizarre bbqish sauce with bits of boiled potato and cabbage. So he brings his tray to me when he’s done and he says in his cartoony little voice, GRACIASHERMANAGRACIASAYAHWEH! That’s how he says it :all loud and run together. Then he says:WHEN are we going to have tacos? Tortillas?I’m tired of these cajitas! (referring to the box meals).
“Well I don’t know Josiahs. Right now God’s given us this good and it’s all we have…..we need to be thankful for it”I said recalling the nasty aftertaste in the sauce. I felt bad lecturing him while I flet EXACTLY like him.
“I’m sorry Josiahs,well. have some tacos as soon as Yahweh provides the ingredients.
He really surprised me when he set his little face all tough and said,”Well I’m going to ask Hermano Frank if  he Will pray for it!”
Okay, I thought. Josiahs disappeared out front looking for Frank.
So then that next day I got the email to pick up money. I have to say I was wanting Mexican good as bad as Josiahs. I splurged on  rib scraps from the butcher at the Maria Luisa. Got all of the ingredients for mile for 25 and got home as fast as I could so we could eat a real meal posthaste.
Every child are seconds and even thirds! I are again at 1am!
It was awesome praise Jesus.
Today, Josiahs said our of the blue,GRACIAS A DIOS HERMANA!IT WORKEDIRWORKED! Then he went on about how Frank had told him to pray for not just what he NEEDS, but for what he WANTS.
Evidently, the child had followed instructions! I don’t doubt that his prayers caused the Lord to bless us all.
What a gift of faith for the child and a reminder to us that our Father so desires to bless us all.
Blessings and Love
Frank and SD