Baja 2018

Well praise the Lord, we had the internet guy finally manage to mosey out here & within 20 costly minutes we were back online. I wish I knew what exactly what he does.
This first real week back after the holidays turned out to be a great one. I’m glad it’s Sunday though and am looking forward to a peaceful day of rest tomorrow.
We ended up having an almost  totally all volunteer clinic last week, with a volunteer general physician and an eyesight team! It’s something we could not do without Yahweb making it happen. That being something we’ve been praying about since we lost support for the clinics last August. So we had several very sick toddlers and really don’t like shuffling whole families into the hospital waiting rooms, as they usually pickup some new bug From the hospital..
But the Lord provided a gp and we had funds for vitamins and praise God in the end 27 people, mostly children,  received vitamins, parasite treatments, probiotics, and a few antibiotics for severe upper respiratory infections. The infections hit the children the hardest, in the wintertime everyone cooks almost Inside of their dwellings over a wood and trash fire, which causes brutal bronchial distress.
The eyesight team was from Washington State University and fitted 22 adults and children with eyeglasses. It’s the first time we have hosted an eye clinic and it was such a blessing!
The day after this a team of 4 translators from Wycliff  Bible Translations  came through town. They had heard of the mission (still unsure how) and wanted to find out about our experiences with the mobile Mixtec Indians. It was much fun sharing with them what the Lord is doing here. They stayed two days and set off for Chiara, but not before leaving us with the coolest blessing-60 solar powered audio players of God’s Love Story The Gospel of John in three dialects. These are real treasures!
We’ve already given them out to 20 families in the Labor Camp. .They are great because they are pretty much indestructible  cased in some thick melamine and fit for use by the cook fire and the washboard. They also left us with a heap of new flannel baby blankets.
It was awfully encouraging to see provision straight from the Provider as to push us on in a time that has been really rally challenging……. I guess I keep saying that, but really it’s been a time of seeking Yahweb and His Will for us and Then seeking Him again.
I guess there is a time when we are stripped down completely and we learn all over again to lean NOT to our own understanding. A week ago it seemed as if we hadn’t much to offer anyone and that couldn’t have been further from the truth!
We changed Meeting Days to Saturday and yesterday we were an extra hour just giving great stuff away!
Church was a joyous time today! There is a good solid group of mostly womem, right now.  About 20 ladies and a million children! We dedicated two new baby girls to the. Lord today and had great prayer time plus a huge pot of Birria for supper. Over the soup Frank taught on tithing and did some Burd like demonstrations. This evening I noticed my stomach muscles were sore and it took me a while to figure out that it was immense laughter, the Joy in the Holy Ghost, really, had caused it!
We pray that all of you there are sharing in that same joy and that you will be Full partakers in Him in Everything He holds for us. Let this be the year that we enter into His HEALING and HIS PEACE on a totally new level!
Please continue to pray for us and know that we are praying for you without ceasing….
Chip and Bean

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