Hey All

Hey All
Just got this. We still need finances toward finish on the floor downstairs.,,, praise Jesus we found s used washer for $175 and brought it home this evening, oh my! I am so giddy at the idea of not having to wash our clothes on a washboard! !!!  Of course having electricity has helped us towards this goal. Over the years people have donated 2 washers but since we had no electricity we gave them to people who did.
Now we are working on finishing floor for downstairs dining room. I think everyone understands that the other building will now be a dedicated Medical/Dental Clinic and we will feed from The Mission.
The Floor downstairs is in process of being poured and we are moving forward in faith that the Lord will provide for sealing the concrete finish and framing in 2 big walls then of course drywalling and painting!
Whatever anyone can give towards these big hurdles will be of great help…….
We need about $550 to finish the floor.
$420 to frame & drywall 2 dividing walls.
$490 to build kitchen shelves and eating bar. (For 14 regular breakfast babies!)
$309 to paint kitchen/dining area
If ANYONE feels led to give into these projects it will be a huge blessing.
Meanwhile,  we sre stepping out in faith with what we can and moving ahead!

“For without faith it is impossible to please God.”

Bro Wilkins is trying to get a crew together to come down in early spring.  ( dates as yet to be confirmed)
Any funds we have will go  towards materials we get so that these guys can do as much work as possible while they are here.
Thank you for your inquiries and faithfullness!!
ANY gift towarss these goals is appreciated! !!
Yahweh is Great!


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