A Good Report From 2014 in Baja


Aquilino’s grandmother Felipa is back! She came for flour while we
were out yesterday. I am looking forward to talking to her and finding
out how Aquilino and Flo are doing.

The work on the floor  downstairs got started this afternoon.
Everything everywhere is covered in  layers of dust as they are
prepping to  mix and pour concrete…….but I can put up with a
little dust if it means finally having a proper floor.

Here are a few statistics that I got together.here’s some stuff that’s
pretty darned amazing IMOP……….

In 2014, the ministry-

* purchased and gave away  29,000 gallons of drinking water. We have
53 people signed up to receive free water, but each  one signed up
represents a at least one other person more likely an entire family.

* served over 6,000 free nutritious meals.

* had 43 single mothers enroll in our regular  staples giveaway
program. These women receive flour, eggs, oatmeal , powdered milk,
split beans and rice every week.  Another 32 families presented for
one time help.

This program gave away –

6,480 eggs.
1200 lbs of flour
1200 lbs of oatmeal
800 lbs of powdered milk (soy substitute).
750 pounds of beans.
750  lbs of rice.

W.O.T.E. medical ministry-

provided  236 consultations with our doctor this year and aided in
providing further medical care on 37 other instances.*

(by providing further medical care I am referring to a little log I
keep of when we take someone for lab work, ultrasound, specialist or
to hospital.)

Of our patients this year we provided (partial because  none came for
entire pregnancy) prenatal care for  29  different women.

Praise the Lord! This is all  still very amazing…………….praise Jesus!

I need to break down clinic stats further …………..and will work
on that in the next few days……………….

We saw many  people come into the Kingdom of Jesus this past year, but
I  hesitate to attempt to quantify that because who knows if I am over
estimating or better yet underestimating!

Here are 2 testimonies-

“I thank Yahweh my God for showing us , my whole family how much He
loves us this year. My husband was severely injured in his back  and
could not work. We , my  husband, my three children and me were thrown
out of housing that was provided by my husbands boss, with only 2 days
notice. I went to Pastor Frank and his
is wife and they let us move in with them. We lived with them for 6
months and then they paid our first months rent  in a rented house in
Maneadero. I d not know what we would have done without them. I was
raised in church but never really believed in Jesus until all of this
happened and he became real in my life. Yahweh is “No (a) ,o” (light)
in my life now.” Theodora Serapio Hernandez

Theo  now further explains that she is “holding tight to the trail or
path of Jesus” (better called Yeshua because “Jesus” is a common name
in her language and  holds the connotation of various gods For
instance the baby Jesus; is just one of many “gods”, and he isn’t
viewed as a very important or power­ful one, so doesn’t rate much of a
fiesta. It might surprise you that  Mixtecs think of baby Jesus as a
dif­ferent god from Jesus Christ crucified. this explains why
Christmas is no big deal for unsaved Mixtecs…….
Holding “tight to his trail” means  walking in the NO(a)o of His Word!

“My life was getting very hard a few months ago. My husband left me ,
with our two  little girls and I had no job. I was going to go to San
Lazaro for work and have to leave my babies somewhere, maybe not be
able to come back for them. One day the sister started to talk to me
about this and I was very very sad. I cried a lot and  hurt because at
night sometimes my babies cried from being cold and not eating, I
couldn’t make milk for them and I was sad. But the sister told me that
Yahweh had sent His Son Yeshua to die for me and to help me and she
promised to help me with food and a  doctor because my girls were sick
more than the other girls. She prayed for me and since then I have a
good work here and my friend cares for my babies while I work. The
sister asked if she would put my picture on the computer and tell my
story and I say “Yes.” So other women like me can see what Yahweh
Trinidad Juarez Morales

(I showed  both Trini and Theo the website and asked their permission
and they enthusiastically agreed to have pictures and testimony


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