Playground Sucess

yesterday, a Monday (usually I just loathe. me a Monday) but yesterday was really the bees knees, you guys.
Frank started out painting on the playground stuff as soon as the fog dried up and this day it drief early., about 7. No sooner than he was put there, kids started filing up the road.
Evidently, there was a miscommunication, because they were of the idea that the playground was open for business starting yesterday. They were so bummed out when he told them. , not yet.He explained that he was painted and going to using the skilsaw and it no place for them to be. There were about 20 of them of age 2 & up.
They were not to be deterred though and they all sat down behind the red tape that marks the do not enter boundary to watch the paint dry. By then I was down there with my paintbrush, too.
After an hour of working and being watched, neither of us could take it anymore.
Frank told the older ones they could help by spotting rocks and marking them with cal so he’d be able to see them in the weeds. (he still has to gather really big ones because the truck will only bring an assortment of mostly mediums) So he srmed Lucia, Pablo, and Javier with brushes and a small bucket of white wash. They took off in a flash looking for and slapping. white x’ s. on every big rock in a mile radius. The little kids on their own. started bringing every little rock they could carry which was hilarious because you can imagine how big of a rock a toddler can carry.
they wore themselves out and had to be fed. I wasn’t going to cook yesterday I wss going to paint but I ended up having Theo set up tables and I made a huge mess of pancakes and eggs. we figured they’d leave for sure after pancakes. Wrong. They sat down again to watch us paint.

At the same time about 12 , we couldnt handle their mopey faces sitting there. We looked at each other and said simultaneously, “What can it hurt if…” and we both busted out laughing. We agreed the merry go round was dry enough for a test run. We told them “one time.” and that they’d have to clean the dirt off after so I can take pics. It was like the day after thanksgiving at Macy’s my friends.
there was a stampede so bad that I split them into three groups and they got on. they didn’t know how it worked so Frank started them off in a good spin. It superceeded. my wildest imaginings. They laughed and laughed and. got dizzy and asked PLEASE ONE MORE TIME……
For them I guess it was like the teacup ride at Disneyland. It made my heart tight with joy to see them have so much fun and just on that one ride. Kids that I have never seen laugh were overjoyed. I had been a bit taken aback to pay $500 dollars to have the thing made but it was worth every penny.
The older kids that had the most fun, well they’ll be working and married next year. This was important for me to see them have fun……this was the WHY behind what had become a big project. …..Jesus was right in the midst of it.
After an hour of turns we had to stop them and go back to work. Lucia on her own got rags distributed and they wiped it down just like new. The lil guys fell aseep under the tree and some wandered on home but the bigger ones wanted to help. They stayed all day . Frank taught them how to use the drill. Boy were they proud of that. We literally had to run them off at 6pm……….

They’re back already though, so looks like we have “help” again.
That’s all for now……thank you to everyone who has contributed.
love sd

I took pics and am trying to send just a few later.

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