Miracles in Baja

Hey Everyone……………………

It seems that either thru my own ignorance of other interference most
everyone missed last weeks miracles. The original which I wrote on my
laptop has disappeared and it bums me out, because when I am truly writing
inspired things seem to come out so easily. Those of you who know me know
that I can only really write anything worth reading when I am in the
Presence. At times I pressure MYSELF to make things/whatever flows thru my
fingers to this keyboard ends up unreal and not really exact. d of story.
……………….I have to be in His Presence to write . End of story.
No other way. But when something so magnificent happens and I write it,
it is to encourage my brethren and I feel ripped off that it disappeared
into cyber-space. Usually , I’ll just sadly just let it go. But this was so
bizarre that I feel the need to attempt to re-create what I wrote on
Monday…which no-one received….I hope I can. Here I go.
Last Sunday, we had several of the indigenous men come here to the mission
and help with heavy work. Landscaping, planting , mixing cement and
generally banging on things, too. Forget sleeping till 5:30am, Pas. Frank
wanted to be ready so I set to making food for the coming workers.
Around 12ish, the men we never see but know their children started arriving
from their own regular jobs, and they set to mixing cement and planting
(they are best at planting it seems). So by about 2pm , the women folk,
wives upon wives started showing up. We had a 25lb hunk of frozen chicken
legs that I had marinated my way, but I turned it over to them. They, the
women and girls started gathering firewood and got a good fire
going.offering. Then put on the pollo and so very much lovely asparagus.
If we had bought the asparagus it would have cost at least $50 dollars, but
they are cutting the first fields so it was an offering. By 4pm serious
workers were laid out under the few trees we have , and on picnic tables
and just having a siesta. The women were laughing and admiring their
offspring. Had to of been maybe 60 people hanging around……
Out of nowhere I thought it was either a dying cat or a kitty wishing for
death. I looked down by the new playground under the miracle tree and
there was an old fellow banging on an instrument that looked like a mix
between a guitar and a banjo and a bizarre looking harp. (When he first
started playing it sounded like Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody……….I know I
sound totally nuts, okay…)but it did.It was something I’ve not been able
to find on Google. But this guy was banging away an banging fiercely on
this odd instrument.
Honestly, at first I was just overcome with laughter. (I know it sounds
irreverent) But hey, the noise was wild. But suddenly I felt a burning
need to SING in the Spirit. An d I did. The women looked and laughed
shyly, the men seemed cool with it. The many kids , well they thought it
was better than the tortilla. They were watching me and this old guy (at
least like 70?) just in the Presence. Within a few minutes I guess, I do
not really know, I started gathering the kids and whichever mamas that
wanted to follow. I had them rounded up and started praying for each one,
and I was praying for the Infilling, because I knew who had recognized
Yeshua as King.
Within say 30 minutes  I’d touched their throats and sang (accompanied by
this great instrument man) for all of the kids. Now about 16 children
were singing in tongues. Some mothers, too.
Realize this was OUTSIDE at the mission, people wandered about eating
chicken legs and getting ministry. The neighbors saw and heard it all.
By about 6pm, as twilight set and people began to go their ways, I asked
Theo who the guitar man was. She responded that she had assumed he was our
“Tio”, (which to Mixtecs,means any man who is not your father or
husband….. In Spanish it means “Uncle”). I told her he waS NOT my Tio)
she said it wasn’t hers either. I lit out after the old guy. WHO WAS HE? I
was thinking “dang we can use him every week for worship. But as I ran
from dish duty under the Pila(cistern) asking, “Hey where’s that guy??”
People looked at me like , “What guy?” Your Tio?” I’m like NO YOUR TIO!.
In the end he was never found. The people who got filled with the Holy
Ghost recall him, those who just came to eat do not. In all I think I had
16 total either saved, or filled. They all recall him. But even tonite, he
is fading from my memory. I can’t really tell you what he looked like, how
tall or short he was. I just know he was here. It was one of the most
awesome times in Yahweh’s Presence i have ever experienced. I was pain free
from my torturous bladder for a whole day. PAIN FREE. Had a bit of a a holy
Ghost hangover, but not suicidal pain. I find that only being in the
Presence His anointing is when I am free.
All week we’ve had those kids a lot of new ones returning to watch the
work and listen to stories we tell;some about Noah, some about the Son and
the Father and their Spirit.
I keep looking out for that old guy. But he hasn’t come back. BUT HE WAS
It was the best afternoon I have had in a long time. IT IS MOSTLY
INEXPLICABLE. I know if you only believe what you can see and touch you
won’t get it But I pray that whoever reads this WILL understand the
necessity of putting yourself in Yahweh’s Presence.
As you gather with the Ekleesia tomorrow or as you gather with your mate
or child at home, seek Him. He desires to be found.
The account I have now written is not close to the inspired Word I wrote
and lost, but you get the gist……………..
Love each other, in deed and word and appreciate the Presence, We love you
all so much in Christ,
Sis, Detra


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