Baja Report

Today  we and Theodora and husband Jose and children  were driving to Walmart to get  something like Vacation Bible School stuff……….colors, posterboard,  paints . stuff like that…………………..Theo cant go alone to Walmart for they will run her off. It peeved me the looks they gave her and made me happy that she is okay and can stand up to discrimination I felt super uncomfortable  because  they  had security guards follow she and I around and kept asking what we wanted one even demanded to know if she had any money to purchase anything.. I was embarrassed not for her but for them. They are like KKK’ers who would send a  negro to the back of a bus. And the crowd around us (those waiting on line to pay would cheer them on) I have experienced discrimination with Frank in certain places, most here in his own homeland. .. but nothing as vindictive as what I was treated to today.
Anyway, on our way home (around  the new Calimax) they got a  call advising them that a sister in law  had  given birth and was being released from Seguro Social.  Just hours after a Cesarean section……………….(I have had 3. each one was WORSE for me than the one before  and my last stay after the last one  lasted me 5 days…in hospital and I couldn’t cough or laugh well for   a year. In other words I cannot imagine going home the very  very day of the surgery,  and this gal with the old style big lengthwise cut as opposed to the american “bikini cut”  was “discharged,” ie., thrown out and waiting in the dust when we arrived only  some hours (less than 12 ) after she had   her c-section, Boy are these people tough………….. they make  me feel like such a crybaby when it comes to pain.
Anyway, we arrived and recovered her her husband and  suegra and  new baby girl less than 7 hours old……………..we excitedly hustled them into the  Excursion and Frank tried to drive  her  and her baby  gently homeward. It was a blessing. They asked us to pray for a name for the baby. A girl. (No more Detros thank Yahweh I already have two poor  boy children wandering around somewhere  named after me. Enough of that.). So, if anyone gets a nudge from Holy Spirit what this  baby should be named please let us know.  The mom is a believer the dad probably would be already  or maybe is, he seems very gentle spirited but works  every day  12 hours a day……………..every day…………..we barely got to know him on  our way home, and he’s been our neighbor for like 8 years.
 When we got to the Cuarteria (labor camp)  everyone was waiting, from the grandmas to the   toddlers to see the new creatura (or” creature “as babies are called in their language.)…………everyone  formed a double line as mom and mother in law and dad, marched happily into their  abode where they live with 16 other people in a 12 by 12 foot  cinder block room………………as a North American I might have called it unjust or sad at one point in my past. But Now I realize that somewhat they realize  they are not poor they are just living that way temporarily to save a bunch of cash so they can go HOME. 
Their ultimate dream, they are just so willing to sacrifice for a few years and gather up enough funds to build a decent home in their tierra.
I’ll send pics of new baby. It was a priviledge and a blessing to be able to pick them up .
Yahweh in Mixteco is Nee-yoe-shee. We started  our little VBS today. They learned to write Yahweh’s NAME in Mixteco Alto. So did I.  Theodora and Jose taught  about 23 kids in their own language.  It makes a huge difference.  We had lots of fun and ate  tons of popcorn and watermelon and of course candy with chile in it. 
Love, sd

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