Prophetic Word April 6, 2014


The following was given on Sunday morning after a time of worship at Harvest of Faith in Southaven.

I believe it is a timely instruction to the church.

April 6, 2014

given by Richard Chambliss

You need to pay attention.

Jesus is speaking to us.

I would speak to these people today

I want you to declare this unto them my son.

I want you to declare My love to them.

I would have them to know the dimensions of My love.

 I would have them to know the heights to which My love has gone and that My love  raised up my Son and with Him has raised you up into the heavenly places and seated you with Him at my right hand.

I would have you know the love that I have for you ,that it went into the greatest depths in the very bowels of hell to bring up Jesus from the dead.

When He was brought up He brought you up and delivered you from the fear of death.

I would have you to know the length to which I have gone to express My love for you says the Lord.

I’ve gone as far as giving my very best to demonstrate how much I love you.

I want you to know the dimensions ,the width , the wideness of my love, not just for a few, but for all mankind, that  includes you.

I have open My arms wide to express My love through My Son Jesus.

I want you to embrace it.

Embrace my love once and for all and settle the fact that I love you and I have chosen to love you.

I will speak concerning grace says the Lord.

I will speak unto you concerning grace because my grace towards you now is abundant.

My grace is moving towards you even now if you will believe my voice. My grace is more than enough, more than enough to deal with the situation in your life. If you would only embrace my grace and lay aside the pride, lay aside the looking at things in the natural but look to my grace.

My grace is an action now.

Beginning to move even now in your family, those that are not even here.

My grace is going there where sin abounds, but grace much more abounds.

Have faith in my grace. Have faith in my grace. Have faith in My love for you.

I would speak to you about one more thing, I would speak to you about mercy.

For I Am merciful.

I am everlastingly merciful.

Let my mercy come  and bathe your wounds.

Let My mercy come and heal your bodies.

Let my mercy come , and restore your minds.

Let my mercy, come  and lift you up out of the pit that the enemy has sought to throw you down into.

For know this says the Lord, I threw the enemy down from from his high place and now he is under your feet.

I placed him there.

Allow him not to rise up ,to put him on a pedestal for he is defeated, says the Lord.

Give him no place.

Give him no place.

Give him no entrance.

Shut the door, shut the door and trust me says the Lord.

For I will bring about in you life that you will believe.

I want you to increase in your believing for that  I have for you, increase your believing, increase your trust.

With every obstacle comes opportunity to say, I trust you Lord, and release that grace, release that love, release that mercy which is yours,

For I declare to you this day that is My will for you, that’s My will for this people.

So embrace it says the Lord.

Enjoy it, live in it, says the Lord.

Rise up says the Lord, above the darkness and  into the victory.

For faith is the victory and I give that faith through this word says the Lord Almighty.

I saw Angels ,flames of fire rise up and go about their appointed business, ministering for the heirs of salvation.

I saw in the congregation the heavenly host as you began to speak and believe. Angels began to rise up and to go about the assignment. Their assigned to me and to you.

Begin to put faith in it, that Angels are assigned to do and to carry out the work of the Lord.

Just believe it and trust. Don’t fret and don’t worry. They are about their business to work for you and accomplish that, to work on your side. They have been assigned, dispatched and risen  to where the

should be . They are in place.



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