At the Mission

Greetings Everybody
here are some recent pictures………

They show the children coming up for water on a hot day and you can
see their little water bottles — these children are really blessed
to be able to come get this free drinking water that is healthy and
clean. Also, almost always when I get a group of 5 or more at the same
time, I’ll go out and sit on the steps with them and tell them a
little story while they rest up for the trip home which for the ones
in these pics about 1.5 miles. I told you about the wild phenomenon
in the sky, well,

EVERYBODY in the Work Camp down below was outside watching and lots were crying and scared! We saw these 3 huge lights like chasing each other in the sky. They would go round and round in a kind of fog, then one would catch up to the other and then they would all become one. It
was crazy! I have never believed in “sightings” but this was so wild.

And the reason I am bringing it up again is that in the pic of the kids that came for water is Micaela. She asked me where those lights from the other night came from. So I said , well, who does heaven
and earth belong to? She said, Well, Yahweh and Jesus! So then she asked me about rainbows……..and gave me the chance to tell the Noah
story to her and her brothers and sisters, The point is tho, if they
didn’t come here for water I would have no chance to tell them these
things about the Lord and His World and His Word. So as we see it each
“work” we do, is like an outrech to bring people in so we can build
bridges to them and by living with them by example- show Christ’s

Also re: pic of Gregoria and her baby boy. She is 16 or 17 and came
in for the Literacy Classes. She doesn’t come for water bacause she
lives about 3 miles away……………but thru the classes I have
come to know her. About 3 weeks ago, she seemed really down and I
asked her what was wrong. She speaks so very little Spanish but i
understood that her husband had no work and they were about to get
thrown out of their room in the Camp. I prayed with her about it and
she was very broken. The next week, she jumped in the truck so happy
to tell me that her husbnd had gotten his job back the VERY NEXT day.
It was super easy to ask her if she wanted to ask Jesus to be the King of her Life! Thru the Literacy class she was saved.
Also a pic of Baby Chente and his mama Miriam. She is 17. Never would
come to Church before and she lives right there in the pueblo by the Building. She is finishing her Secondary School with us and brings Chente for his well baby exams. She was sharing with me one day last week how sad she was that the father of her child wants nothing to do with him or her………… gave Frank and I the opportunity to explain how the Lord is hers and Chente’s Father and how nothing is impossible. She broke down and accepted Christ on the spot on last
Clinic Day.
Yes, it is the Holy Spirit who draws the people in, but the Lord
flows thru all kinds of ways to see that ALL are given the opportunity to know Him…………………

Thanks to everyone who makes it possible for us to do these things…….

Love, Detra
Clinic 9-613


looking at camera

resting before going home

the last drop

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