Hey Everyone at Harvest of Faith,

Hey Everyone at Harvest of Faith,
Well, blessings to everyone back home……..in the USA anyway. We are praying for the political situation there and for all of the young men and women who may be called to serve in a different way than us but even more needing Our Lord’s protection.
Things here have tightened up again with regards to police control and the “war” against the drug lords…….Frank won’t allow us (he, me anyone with us , after dark once again. ) With reason because with the change in governorship there is a new wave in police corruption and a hatred against Christianity. Governors of States who have proclaimed their Christianity are being actively persecuted……but those coming against these brave men do not realize who our God is and that the battle truly is His. Sometimes in the flesh tho it gets scary and we wish He would show up just a bit ahead of time. Ever working on our patience and faith.
The Lord is working in so many different ways right now.
Our last Free Medical Clinic was a good one. Two more of our young pregnant women have given birth both to boys. I’ve been blessed to attend two births and take one little mother in for a c-section (that one was a girl) in the past 4 weeks. So it has been exciting. I get to lay hands upon mothers and babies fresh into this new world!
All of the babies whose moms have received prenatal care at least over 2 months worth, most much more, were above average weight and the mothers recovered very quickly…………….even the c-section. I think I mentioned we were able to supply all of the moms, but especially the c-section (here they do the old North to South cut, ouch) with supplies provided through Wings by Hands of Hope. I have actually now made up 5 C-section/Birth kits, containing, sanitary pads, betadine, peroxide , clean drapes, gauze (c-sections,- tape, gloves, BANDAGES!!,thermometer strips, ) all things the moms would need to purchase to stay clean and sterile after birth.but cannot afford to……………….
Please relay to Hands of Hope our gratitude once again. It is great to be able to walk into a humble home in a labor camp and be able to make the women more comfortable. Since being invited to more home births I am able to assess the needs more accurately I think, praise Yahweh!
As I am sure ya’ll know it’s back to school time again and we ‘ve been busy getting vaccinations taken care of and records submitted. we had no funds for uniforms this year but praise the Lord, we have still been able to supply 7 children in primaria and 1 girl in secundaria with full or partial unis! At the end of last school cycle, I snatched up a lot of pants and white shirts that were on clearance and have been holding them for a time such as now………plus I had four little 6x size sweat outfits for PE from In His Service ministry given back at Christmas , set back……… praise the Lord, miracle uniforms! It was even exciting for me!
So we enrolled 6 new kinder students and 15 new primary school children in appropriate grades we hope…………………the Lord is Great.
Aquilino has passed from Elementary/primary School to 7th grade! Pastor Richrd can tell ya’ll about our dear Aquilino! He is a miracle and a faithful little guy who knows who Yahweh and Yeshua are and isn’t scared to tell anybody!
Due to all of this I have pulled back from teaching the literacy classes and am just doing stand-in for Norma, Barbara and Guillermo………….our students test results from their first official STATE test came in and we had 4, with 9.5t of 10 overall scores, 6 with 8.5, and the remainder at the top of the curve for their prior experience. Most of which was ZERO EXPERIENCE. The students (all women, some 14 some 57) with no prior education just literally absorb each “teachers” presence and knowledge to a point that we leave just drained………but rejoicing. Every week , against federal rules, we teach one scripture to be memorized , written and red aloud then explained in the way it impacts their lives…………….people who NEVER would have come into “CHURCH” are getting saved. We are getting 2 new students a week at present and they are in for learning to read by learning the Word first…..
Sadly, I recieved an email from a former “supporter” who said he could “no longer support these secular efforts.” I did respond that I was sad that he didn’t understand the worth of a woman being able to READ the WORD OF GOD for her self, for her children, for her parents, for her neighbors…………” Because that is what we are after and what is happening. People must understand that the MEDICAL CLINICS and CLASSES and LITERACY training and homework support and meals are ALL secondary to our preaching the Gospel , but the TRUE GOSPEL of CHRIST. If they don’t get it, oh well, I cannot cry over spilt milk, I can only pray they see that the KINGDOM OF CHRIST must PUSH INTO the “secular world” instead of awaiting the arrival of that secular world in their christians lounges, with plush carpets and comfy chairs.
I dont want to offend anyone but we MUST wake up and not use a new way to reach the world as an excuse not to give………………….
Preaching the Gospel is NUMERO UNO right here and always will be. But as Pas Frank says “You cannot eat a fish that you haven’t caught.”
In other words all of these classes and programs are OUTREACHES or as I call them- OUTPUSHES- into the world of the unsaved.

And brethren, it is going well. Even tho we have bills we can’t pay right now and bald tires on the ministry truck which is our truck., (in other words w egotta get the money to fix it, some just think “THE CHURCH” an amorphous THANG out there supplies missionaries, but no, Yahweh flows thru people like you and me…….oh and Lis…..our little 21 year old who makes it HER BUSINESS to tithe into this ministry faithfully EVERY MONTH from the BLOG on the internet the Lord gave her, this lil gal living an hour away makes sure her tithe is here every month no matter what! anyway………we have faith that our God shall supply according to His Riches in Glory…………..please please stand with us ion faith for finances, if you cannot give of money, give of time in prayer……….for we believe Our Lord hears those prayers today as He did when Moses cried out…….

Every little thing is appreciated and cried over and loved and thank you to everyone who helps us to do whatever Holy Spirit says for us to do…………….

WE thank Harvest of Faith Family that ya’ll are a huge fountain, that Yahweh flows thru and it even matches the recent Word relayed thru Pastor Richard, that those who seemed small or overlooked would come to recognition, well Harvest may not be HUGE in NUMBERS but we know you are HUGE in the SPIRIT and about to get a reward like nothing we can even imagine! Thank you all, to those i know and have met and to those I have not……………..thank you.
Please join us in prayer that Pastors Richard and Pamela can come see us soon for we long to be with them.

As ya’ll stand with us so we do with you in the Name of Precious Jesus,

Pastors Frank and Detra
Baja Norte
The World

PS- Sunday is Church at the Beach, where we take all of the Church to have Meeting and break bread once every year at the water’s edge. So Sunday as ya’ll open up your meeting we’ll be arriving on the beach with a pile of mom’s and children. Sometimes we have unexpected water baptisms as Frank teaches before we eat…………. so please pray in that area if you feel led…………..

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