What is Honor

Proverbs 29:23 ¶ A man’s pride will bring him low, but a humble spirit will obtain honor.
Mark 6:4 Jesus said to them, “A prophet is not without honor except in his hometown and among his own relatives and in his own household.”
I picked up an article this morning about honor. it said all the right things using scripture. it encouraged us to honor God, the Word the Man of God. Of course you see all these tings involve money. Honor God with your finances which is true, honor the Word , buy my CD’s and honor the man of God, turn loose of some of your cash. I should sort of cenacle don’t I? All these things are born out of the fact that because there is no honor in the Church there is a lack of what Yahweh intends for the Kingdom to expand in the earth. He flows through people. Peoples brain stands in the way. You brain will block the flow of your spirit to your hand. When the hand withholds people suffer. Yahweh is not causing this suffering. My people perish because of a lack of knowledge. Now in an age of information you think this scripture would be obsolete. It is not from a lack of information that we perish but knowledge. Knowledge is intimate fellowship with the Truth. To know God is not to gather info on Him but to have intimate knowledge of Him and allow Him to have intimate knowledge about you. You know when a married couple share intimacy in the bedroom , in the light there is nothing to hide about their bodies.. As we get older and less perfect physically we tend to wear robes and prefer darker surroundings. Why we fear rejection by our mates because we no longer can hide behind our youthful bodies. To be intimate now we must look beyond the physical to the true value of our relationship. We must look into the soul and spirit. We must learn to honor one another.
I get back to honor. What is honor. We know we must honor. why because the Bible tells us so. that is very old covenant. We are in a new covenant We are not slaves to obey mindlessly but sons and daughts that have grown up or are trying to if allowed. No understand what honor is will enable us grace us to by faith honor and receive the benefits of honor.
To honor is to see the value often hidden , many times underdeveloped but there none the less. I honor a child because I see the value of that child’s life. Valuable because the child is but also that potential of that child. I honor that child because I see a man of God or a woman of faith as yet come into their own.
Most of the problems of society are caused by dishonor. We have not honored our planet , the order of creation in honoring one another as the children of God. We dishonor our creator because of being brainwashed by the world system to disregard His Presence in our lives.
Wake upon look around you at what is around you and begin to honor it. See beyond the senses See with your heart the riches that are hidden in your life. That is why being thankful is so effective. being thankful is an act of faith. Seeing the unseen but believing that in the midst of a bad event good is hidden ready to be revealed to an honoring heart.
Richard Chambliss Jan.28 2013

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