I am Thankfull

Yesterday I found in the front of my personal bible a note written on the first of the year. it read as follows:

Thursday Jan 12,2012- Richard and I (Pamela) agreed for his total healing and restoration according to Mathew 18:19 ; 1 Peter 2:24 for his liver any ulcers or cancer. 8:59 A.M. It was signed Pamela Chambliss , Richard Chambliss.

When we prayed this prayer I was sick unto death. Jaundice had set in and I was a yellow as a banana deathly ill. This was a prayer of agreement and of faith. There was no outward feelings tangible anointing . Just the grim reality that I was dying and she was losing her husband of then 39 years. We made a choice to believe what we had lived by for years for others.
I am thankful this day to say my last test came back with no sign of liver problems cancer or stomach problems brought on by liver failure. I am in better shape than I have been since I was 20 now at 60 years young.
I am thankful for a believing friend my wife and for Yahweh Rapha the “Lord that Restores”.
Richard Chambliss


One thought on “I am Thankfull

  1. Ted J. Hanson

    Thank you Jesus for the covenant that you made with us, which included the specifics of Richard’s healing. Thank you Richard and Pam for praying the prayer in agreement with God’s love for you both. Enjoy God and enjoy your children and your children’s children for many years to come!
    Your friend – Ted Hanson

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