Baja Thanksgiving

This day I STOOD I STOOD with my husband of 18 years, Francisco
Arriaga. We gratefully stood together after his having had the outer
screws removed from a shattered femur. These screws are normally NEVER
removed before the 3rd MONTH of recovery in mexico let alone the 3rd
WE wept and stood together in the balcony of the Harvest of Faith
Missions House at 2pm and thanked Yahweh for being our healer and
provider for 14 YEARS on this mission field ..
we had so much to give thanks for that yes, after 20 minutes Frank
had to take up his walker.
BUT, we have no doubt he is heled in Jesus’ Name.
I wrote it in a notebook I keep of Yahweh’s miracles in my
I urge everyone to join in these remaining days of Thanksgiving as it
glorifies a MIGHTY MIGHTY God and pushes back despair and depression.

I lift high tonight the standard of my LOrd Jesus CHrist who has stood
by me since my natural birth then throughout my spiritual birth and
my years of letting Him down and turning my back on Him. Still thru
drugs prostitution, adultery and sins I am even fearful to write
Jesus Christ stood by me stood with me sent people and angels to stand
with me and no matter how hard I tried to push Him away He STOOD with

I thank God for a people such as Harvest of Faith that care for and
love ofs from so many miles away.

I thank Him for saving the life of my Pastors Richard and Pamela
Chambliss, for allowing them to marry again my one true husband , I
thank Him for giving me so many wonderful children and grandchildren
of numerous nations. I thank Him because above all else HIS WORD is
TRUE. I thank Him for making me recognize this anew while in a private
vehicle speeding my dying husband to a far away hospital and for
allowing my husband to live and more to speak to love to be grateful.

Dear God I thank you for SO VERY MUCH! Please recieve my praises and
let them spark thanks and praises in otheres who are close to growing

And thus says the Lord, “to those who are are growing cold who feel
the fire going out-STOP NOW! Think upon My faithfulness not upon minor
victories of the enemy! The enemy deserves not even one more thought
in your life. You allow him to live and work in you while I desire you
to let Me truly be your true King. Let it go Let it go. Let IT GO>
NOW, THIS NIGHT drop it at the altar of prayer and refuse to pick it
up again. I the God of every world and nation of every government and
tribe am CALLING YOU BACK. Not tomorrow BUT TODAY.”

Detra says simply “Give thanks.” I know my husband could be dead to me
today but HE LIVES SOLELY because Yahweh desires it to be . Thank you
Lord a trillion times, thank you, YOU are our KING.

Detra and Francisco November 16 2012


Day 4 Thanksging

Pamela and I had an old stray cat years ago. We went away for a weekend and returned to find that old cat had gotten tangled up in an old hammock in the closet . He had spent the last few days all tangled up unable to escape. I found him and set him free from the result of his innocent but dangerous curiosity. I named him Osmosis after that because he stuck so close to me that he seemed to be absorbing life from me. He was the only grateful cat I ever knew. I am thankful today that Yahshua untangled me and set me free. I am thankful I can stick close to Him and absorb life from HIm inside out.
John 8:36 So if the Son sets you free, you are truly free.