Baja Update

My heart is heavy and yet light as I write this ……………………

I write to you with tears falling upon the keyboard. I do not exaggerate as I may be prone to do. But today I ministered in a place that has brought me to my knees……..for many reasons.
Firstly, we visited a heretofore UNKNOWN “ministry.” A place where the most needy persons arrive only by direction from our Anointed One, Our Christ.
I appeared, prepared for a religious meeting in downtown Ensenada at 1 :30 today. We met with a set of Pastors and my beloved Dr. Prado at an opulent salon social.
We began to hear of a ministry started by God Himself thru a prominent local pastor whom we had no prior knowledge of other than that he hosts a TV program in Baja Norte every Saturday night.
I immediately felt humbled. I saw my worn out shoes and my husbands shirt, frayed at the collar and thought “Why , God, did you bring US here? Surely there are others of another level in Your Eyes that could have been called? My Pride buckled and I sat restlessly listening to this one pastoral couple speak. Within moments the Head pastors phone rang, and he was summoned away. Leaving us with this couple and a Dr. Norma who had put us in contact. The couple began to speak plainly of their confusion as to what they should do and how to fulfill God’s Will and the religious leader’s of the areas will…………..
Dr.. Norma had an appointment later and insisted we head directly to the sight of the “ministry”/ I deference, we headed to the Eastern furthermost part of Ensenada.
We traversed beyond the city reservoir, onto the very dirt roads of “Lomitas” where Frank and I adopted our first minors (children orphans of the prison system some 13 years ago.) Finally after some 45 minutes of dusty drug infested byways we reached the ministry.

It seemed a grand place of two stories until we realized that the area inhabited by the “,ministry” was a shack type building adjacent…….
Slowly we entered. To find four men in “beds” (mats actually set upon daybed frames) the first man “Ruben” was naked except for swaddling linens, see they cannot afford diapers for him and he is totally incontinent. To our right on a mat 2 inches thick was a stroke victim named Margurito. His body was drawn up in the tradition form of an untreated embolism. Next to him was another elderly fellow, also drawn up with all signs of a stroke plus a hip replacement gone awry……………..
Surrounding them was a team of six men……..all from DRUG rehabilitation centers who have donated their lives to care for those who arrive at this place. This place is dedicated to care for the homeless person or the person with no family to care for him after he leaves the States most poor resource , the General Hospital. I n a back room we also found Osifio, a 59 yr old man dying of pancreatic cancer, with no pain relief except Parecteomol. (Tylenol, aspirin, motrin, are pretty much our equivalents. He was in the back rrom of a 2 rrom shack at his own request, for when I interviewed him, he said he KNEW his cries scared the other men and preferred to be as far away as possible as he knew he was dying and the pain was more then he as a man could bear without screaming at times.
Mu husband, Pastor Frank, knelt to pray for him first, before any discussion. He asked me to lay hands upon this shriveled being, who I knew at once was MY BROTHER IN CHRIST BY THE LOVE IN HIS EYES>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>still the smell was revolting and I felt myself shaking as I knelt by his mat and fighting the urge not to vomit,,,,,,,,,,,but as Frank prayed I lost conscience of smells and spaces and we were actually able to ask this man if he wanted to be Spirit filled, we out no requirements of conditions, just asked him.He tearfully said yes. We ushered everyone out of the room and watched as he began to speak in tongues………………….Personally, I don’t know if he will survive this night in his body or live another 20 years but I heard him speak in another language;
From there we moved outward and prayed all together for each “patient.” One of which was one of the Oaxcan men who was riding in the back of a truck with 40 others and was hit by a Coca Cola truck about one year ago.. Many were instantly killed, and Frank did that funeral. But this man survived with some 270 stitches all over his body…………he recuperated in this humble home.
We prayed for all of the patients the pastors starting the work, their daughter and finally the men coming out of drug rehabs who care so lovingly for these poor men…………..with no compensation………………
As I had asked my questions and taken some pictures and spoken with each patient……………a young man of about 28 stepped forward,
“Pastor Frank and Sister Dede”, he said at this i was shocked out if my emotions for we had never introduced ourselves. How could he know us by name? I turned and at once recognized him as the young man who once slept by out gate waiting to get into the Rehab home, some ten years ago……………Francisco is his name. It was not culturally appropriate for me to run and embrace him, but dear God, hoe I wanted to…………I saw a change in him from when he had spent 8 or so weeks with us………………he radiated love and mercy…….
“Please give me a second chance,” he said. “Please just pray for me , because I have hepatitis C, I should have listened to you then, but I didn’t. I kept using heroin and now they say I am dying. BUT I BELIEVE IN WHAT YOU TAUGHT ME. AND THAT JESUS IS THE SAME TODAY PLEASE PRAY FOR ME>>>>>”
Obviously, we laid hands upon him and prayed and even then felt the swelling of his liver and saw the yellow of his eyes…………………but at the same time we felt his faith rise up and kept praying, some of us in tongues including the cancerous old man in the other room………………..
He has yet to receive any treatment. Frank is determined to get him started on treatment tomorrow (NOT DISCOUNTING PRAYER) . It could only be our Lord who reunited us with this young man who turns out to the backbone of this interesting ministry……………please pray for Francisco…………………as we attempt to circumvent bureaucratic delays and get him treatment..
I will be sending videos of our visit to this place today, A place which has brought us both to our knees in prayer and much more…………………………….
We were able to leave them with powdered milk, flour and oatmeal (about all they can keep down)……….vut they need so very much more.Please pray we can help them and thank God for these servants who attend the helpless. I have not been able to stop weeping since 5pm. And that is okay. It means my heart has not yet been hardened, nor will God allow it to be evidently.

Much Love, please intercede,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
S. detra

He is Risen.
He is Lord.

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