Baja Report Trip Update

I have been anxious to write you all , but arrived home to find a troop carrier full of Armada behind my home. The army has set up a camp right behind tye mission home and at times it seems my satellite is jammed for i cannot access internet. We have some 30 to 40 soldiers apparently living on our corner of the road indefintitely. It is awkward and frightening. the indians have stopped altogether coming for water for they fear the soldiers……………

We had an awesome trip south with unbelievable favor totally. ! First, the accommodations were first class this time! We were placed in the Bible College dorms, 3 couples with =children all to oursleves! Lovely rooms. Uriel from Visitor Relations helped us and put us up like kings and queens! Bless him, we were the ONLY PEOPLE HOUSED at the Bible college at FFHM……………………..

We arrived on Sunday, and were immediately greeted by Dr Lance and Jo Eanes (Mark’s wife and chief nurse) . They remembered us and we were greeted as family. They saw Mario on Sunday night.and Surgeon Eanes WAS EVER so excited to see him!!! So were all the others doctors and nurses. Everyone stopped what they were doing and took time to talk to Mario and hear about his visions and dreams……………they were moved to tears!
He was immediately fitted for glasses. They were made on site. While we waited , everyone came to see Mario. They have followed his case and the emails i have sent. They really love him and apparently do not get much chance to see a patient the second time. Dr Eanes said his cornea looked absolutely PERFECT. We told him about the rejection incident and he advised us to back off of the steroids the local dr has him on because they could cause cataracts. He said just do not tell her, but wean him off of the prednisone and limit visits to her unless we see a problem.
Mario recieved lovely glasses(Pastor Frank says he looks like our “Lawyer” now) and he is so handsome with his gold wire framed spectacles. He can see EVERYTHING with them,,,(he told us about every darn sign on the way home 3 hours of hey look at this hey look at that! If he had not of been totally blind before I might have strangled him!),,,,,,,,,for that reason they decided not to risk another cornea transplant at this time……..they can not explain the improvement in his other eye but agree it must be PRAYER!) They all took pictures with Mario and loved on him so much. Although Triques do not HUG , Mario hugged Jo Eanes, Mark’s wife and it made me cry.
They saw Mayte 2nd out of some 180 patients the first day. They said her sight could not be improved upon, but that Dr Eanes was willing to perform cosmetic surgery to make that deformed eye appear as close to normal as possible. He would reshape the eye.
We were shocked and grateful, not thinking they were there to perform cosmetic surgeries!
The mother quickly gave consent and Mayte was scheduled as the very first surgical patient for the week.
The surgery lasted about an hour,,,,,,,,,they prayed with us for her before they put her under Gen Anesthesia, Dr Randy walker led her to the Lord in pre-op. I led her Mother to the Lord as we waited for Mayte to come out of surgery!!!
God is SO GOOD! this child could never have afforded this blessing!!!
So we stayed until Mayte had been seen post op 2 days afterward, until she was released……………………..
We broke down (radiator) coming home and that was a bummer but could not override the joy and family we felt with these awesome yet oh so ,humble doctors who have become like family……………………………..)
The stribismus (cross eyed) patient we had, backed out on the surgery. Sad but the parents do not understand and we can only do so much.
I have attempted and will continue to try to send videos and stills of our great blessing. However, I may need to head to town to do this , am blessed if ya’ll recieve this one due to the military situation………….
Pray for “Heaven in sight” ministries ” as they prepare to head to Bethlehem next a very dangerous area on the West bank………….please do not forget these wonderful servants of God………………
I am proud , in a good way ,to nbe an American and even more proud to be from the South. Although I work with many medical teams throughout each year , translating mostly, I have never felt the rush of love that I feel with these doctors from Georgia. Obviously the accent comforts me, reminds me of “home” although I left when I was just a child……………..but the grace and love is unsurpassed and it stems from Jesus Christ and from their upbringing in the South………………..Maybe it is wrong. maybe it is okay. but I am PROUD to say that the Church that supports us is in MIssissippi……………….because you all are the same. When I was there a few years ago with my spider bite, I recall the ones who came and loved on me and blessed me………..and I won’t forget.
I love you all and am happy to say you all are my HOME on this earth until we really get HOME.

Much love to you all MUCH LOVE, and many blessings, Love you- sorry cannot saythat e

In Christ,
Frank and Detra


Saturday is “Beach Day”. We plan on taking about 25 children plus some moms to the playa as we do once or twice each summer. Although the kids live within sight of the ocean ,most have never been there for fun. This time we expect to baptize at least 3 young boys (12 years old). I spent my afternoon explaining again water baptism to them…I preached it from the balcony of the mission home to about 20 boys………………they are very excited. They have watched the Jesus movie so many times in their own dialect that I think most believe a dove will alight on their shoulder when they come up from the water. I explained that was a special occasion but with their innocent and pure faith anything can happen……….
I am excited as well.
We will buy astronaut chickens and watermelons and sodas I guess for the day.
I will try to get photos (for them mostly), but will also be participating in the baptisms, so we will see. I have a pact with myself not to do anything that would interfere with Holy Spirit’s moving at that time………..and at times photography does just that, although ya’ll at home love to see it and I love to have the record……………..
So, on Saturday between 11 and 12:30 PACIFIC TIME IF YOU THINK OF IT , THROW A LITTLE PRAYER THEIR WAY………………..
Thanks again so much and many blessings in Christ,
Pastor Detra and Pastor Francisco

(So far, Pastor Richard, I know it will be, Ernesto, Aquilino, Flo, and Mario, they are ready for sure and immensely excited. I explained it was between them , Yahweh and Pastor Frank,and the witnesses, unlike MARRIAGE where a parental contract must take place. This stirred many other children’s hearts so we will see what happens)