Saturday is “Beach Day”. We plan on taking about 25 children plus some moms to the playa as we do once or twice each summer. Although the kids live within sight of the ocean ,most have never been there for fun. This time we expect to baptize at least 3 young boys (12 years old). I spent my afternoon explaining again water baptism to them…I preached it from the balcony of the mission home to about 20 boys………………they are very excited. They have watched the Jesus movie so many times in their own dialect that I think most believe a dove will alight on their shoulder when they come up from the water. I explained that was a special occasion but with their innocent and pure faith anything can happen……….
I am excited as well.
We will buy astronaut chickens and watermelons and sodas I guess for the day.
I will try to get photos (for them mostly), but will also be participating in the baptisms, so we will see. I have a pact with myself not to do anything that would interfere with Holy Spirit’s moving at that time………..and at times photography does just that, although ya’ll at home love to see it and I love to have the record……………..
So, on Saturday between 11 and 12:30 PACIFIC TIME IF YOU THINK OF IT , THROW A LITTLE PRAYER THEIR WAY………………..
Thanks again so much and many blessings in Christ,
Pastor Detra and Pastor Francisco

(So far, Pastor Richard, I know it will be, Ernesto, Aquilino, Flo, and Mario, they are ready for sure and immensely excited. I explained it was between them , Yahweh and Pastor Frank,and the witnesses, unlike MARRIAGE where a parental contract must take place. This stirred many other children’s hearts so we will see what happens)


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