Praise the Lord and hope ya’ll are very well………

Praise the Lord and hope ya’ll are very well…………….

We had an AWESOME AWESOME day today. We are on our 3rd week of Meeting attendance at about 60 people, mostly children who come all of their own accord. Today the Lord moved in a mighty way, everyone worshiped and He showed up…………..we had several young girls and come up for prayer for healing! We had an 82 yr old man confess Jesus as King and several Indian women come for prayer. The biggest difference today is that EVERYONE participated in worship physically and the Lrd seemed to honor that…..this being hard for such a stoic shy people. (I have sent video,pleases let me know if you get them) ………………….Frank taught on some of the Names and the Nature of Our Father……….our Protector, Our Source, Our Help, Our Liberation, Our Healer and on……………………The kids all answered questions as he taught and it was very effective! I think it was the best Meeting we have had all year. Hope the videos show some of it………………
After Meeting we brought 2 truckloads of people back to the Mission Home as most live below us about 1/4 mile down. As Frank was dealing with the people I was taken by 7 little children I had never seen. A Trique lady ,named Trinidad, told me they had arrived off the bus from the state of Guerrerro yesterday. I started to speak with one of the little girls, the eldest, named of course, Maria. She was taken a back by my white skin and blond hair and as I spoke with her she would shyly reach up and touch my arms or my hair. She had never seen a Caucasian before. Never! She was also amazed by my spider bite(a wolf spider bit me years back, left an ugly scar)…………Anyway, she told me there were seven children in her family, all girls. Her mama was at work. She works abut 14 hours a day every day. Her father left them for another woman. She asked us if we could put her and her other younger sister in school and I told her , “Yes of course, after Spring Break.” Then I asked her who would watch the babies, (3 aged 1 and 2 and 3 like steps on a ladder) she responded ‘ “Well, we’ll just carry them with us to school.” Of course I know that here in Baja that is not allowed as it is in the rural federal schools down on the mainland.(So I am thinking of watching the babies while the eldest girls ages 11 and 12 and the others go to school. Don’t see how I can deny them this. Don’t see how I can cook and watch babies too, but I so admire these girls will to get an education and I know the Lord can help me make this happen…………..somehow.) I enjoyed speaking with this sweet girl for about 20 minutes and got to know all of their names and told them to tell Pastor Frank to give them beans and rice and eggs and flour for the week. I had asked her how much food they have at home, “A little or a Lot?” (I’ve learned how to ask productive questions that evoke an honest answer……………(Never just yes or no questions)
She said, “Nothing. We are all women and we are very poor.”
I asked if if she felt hungry just a few times a day or all the time….” She answered, “My head hurts because the babies cry from hunger……………all the time..”
Tears came then, but I held them back for they will do no one a bit of good.. I looked at the baby and her belly is distended like one of the African babies you see on tv. Not like the typical Mexican 1 hour from the Border. I can tell she is infested with worms ans starving and probably has Ricketts and scurvy as well. It is one of the worst cases of starvation I have ever seen in my 13 years here.
At this point I was emotionally OVERWHELMED, my throat was blocked, my eyes burned with uncried tears………………..I said goodbye and told her to come for Lunch meal at the Church and to bring them all to play here tomorrow on the swings………………however as I turned to go in, she held my arm, just lightly as she hasn’t much strength anyway for her hunger.
“I’ll wash your clothes, and I am good for working, cooking and making tortillas”, she pled. “I’ll do ANYTHING to help my mother bring food into the house………….”
Now imagine, a preteen in your neighborhood desperately saying that to YOU. In a few seconds my life up till now flashed thru my mind and I realized and wondered what would it be like to feel HUNGER??? I grew up BLESSED and don’t know how that feels. I have never ever been truly painfully hungry. In that second gratitude for being born an American welled up in me for I dare say that none in my generation in the USA has felt REAL hunger, with the availability of welfare and food stamps and so many programs………God has blessed America SO MUCH! And may it continue. May no child have to suffer as these and many more I do not know are suffering………………………God has been so good to America, so good to me and thankfully I was able to tell her “No.” She didn’t have to Do anything to have food in her belly.. I was able to promise her that thru the Power of God we would keep them fed and with blankets(she mentioned they were sleeping on the bare concrete floor, because they couldn’t pay the freight to bring their blankets on the bus North…………………..)
So, yeah, today was a great great day. But today I cried.After everyone was gone, Frank and I discussed this new family and wrapped our arms around each other and wept. Out of sadness, out of gratefulness…………………I know memories of Frank’s childhood were sweeping in on him for he HAS felt that hunger and that willingness to DO ANYTHING to stop the younger siblings cries of hunger……………..
Maybe I am rambling , but ,mostly my point is that we are grateful to you all. All of you that help us financially to be able to help the least of these…………….please don’t give up. Please keep praying for us here, to make the right decisions, to have wisdom and above all to be filled with LOVE fr the people as we are now. Let that never leave us, in Jesus’ Name.
Yours in Christ with so much love,
Detra and Francisco
Baja California Norte Mexico

He is Risen.
He is Lord.